Valentine's Day spreads through Congress Park like V.D.: Kenny Be's Sign Language

Categories: Art, Comics

Andrew Loves Kelly Congress Park Denver Valentines Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg
Andrew loves Kelly in front porch chalk talk.

The chalk board shown above broadcasts Andrew's love for Kelly. Uncommon in most of Denver, the valentine greetings spread across Congress Park prove that it is the horniest and corniest neighborhood in Denver. Below, a new understanding of the word "congress"...

Ace of Hearts Congress Park Denver Valentines Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg
Congress Park Cassanova plays the Ace of Hearts card.

The Ace of Hearts card pictured above actually lights up. The resident artist spent time and money to create a special oversize, front porch calling card that proclaims unconditional love is both given and received in this Congress Park home. Remember, "congress" can be defined as a legislative body or the act of coming together.

Below, more of the sexual Congress Park fixation with the birds and bees...

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