Reader: Just because Alex Bogusky's COMMON is an abstract idea doesn't make it bull**it

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Joel Warner's post about advertising industry lightning-rod Alex Bogusky's new project, COMMON, which he describes as a "community-focused incubator and brand," sparked debate aplenty, with Bogusky fans and detractors sharing their views.

Here's one of the former countering one of the latter.

Lynn writes:

Great idea, period. The other comments are born of envy. Just because he is a good branding guy and knows how to extend the notion of branding to a new level doesn't mean he's a perfect human being. So lighten up. If you're not comfortable with abstract thinking, this all seems like bull**it." Remember: concepts precede products. Cooperative branding is a spin on licensing a word or phrase so that multiple companies can use it in various arenas to raise themselves up and work together in one arena or one online platform. It's not that tough.

As Francis Ford Coppola said, "When people disbelieve you or try to stop you or snipe at you, turn it around 180 degrees and keep going. It will become compromised anyway as it all rolls out."

Alex has got a cool idea.

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The ever more common belief that salesmanship is some kind of academic discipline is a mark of our decadence. Implementing the technological change necessary to preserve our standing of living would have required that America have unity, purpose, and engineers, but better marshalling of brand identification now captures what passes for our imagination instead. It could make a kind of sense if your iPhone had some prospect of producing electricity or transporting you where you need to go, but it does not.

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