Bedbugs: See a map of the addresses of all bedbug complaints made to the city in 2010

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Denver's bedbug infestation has been called one of the worst in the country. But is that true? As explained in this week's cover story, "Bug Bedlam," it's tough to tell, since the city doesn't track bedbug infestations. But it does take complaints about them through the Department of Environmental Health. Page down for a map showing addresses of all bedbug complaints in 2010. Note: Just because a complaint was made doesn't mean it was founded.

For more explanation and to see a list of the actual addresses, click "View Denver Bedbug Complaints in 2010 in a larger map."

View Denver Bedbug Complaints in 2010 in a larger map

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Tony V.Warner
Tony V.Warner

There's 'A pandanmeic"-- I know that's My spelling Wrong--- So What!! "Bed Bug's" That's Not Spelt --Wrong Duh!! Wake Up Moron's in charge --- All City's Should Enforce Manatory Removal of before it's Out of Control if it's-- Not All ready by taking this laid Back aproach to "Forget about it" --by Denver--It will Go away Duh!!!!! by the City of Denver should be held accountable for there Non-Handleing of a Very Bad Problum-- I don't Know How to Stop Them--But I felt I should Stand Up and Say Something After Seeing This Outragest Report ---This is a Crime againt's the People & Children of Colorado to Let It Go This Far. Thank You for Reading better than The One's in Charge of over seeing This type of OutBreak.

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