Cribs: Candidate Edition puts you in da house with Denver's would-be mayors (VIDEO)

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Chris Romer
MTV Cribs is a guilty pleasure for a lot of people, but spoofs of the show -- which typically features the rockin' homes of mega-pimpin' athletes, movie stars and rappers -- can be even funnier. A couple of weeks, ago, The Daily Show did its Cribs: Teachers Edition, an offshoot of the union battle in the Wisconsin.

And now, the New Era Colorado political blog has done the same for a group of mayoral candidates, including Chris Romer, Carol Boigon, James Mejia and Theresa Span.

It's pretty damn hilarious, and it will likely give you a better feel for the candidates than 1,000 robocalls. Check it out below:

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unedifying, and considerably short of hilarious


It is Theresa Spahn not Span.

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