Reader: If Denver gets rid of Tim Tebow, I'll never buy another Broncos ticket or jersey again

Tim Tebow.
Our post yesterday about rumors that the Denver Broncos might consider taking a quarterback with its top pick in the upcoming NFL draft drew a strong response from one longtime fan of the team.

He makes it clear that ditching Tebow in favor of some even newer blood shouldn't be considered an option.

Mr Orange303 writes:

I have yet to talk to a fan who would stay a fan how they are now, if Tebow is not a Bronco. And starting will come with that.

But I a loyal fan for 30 years will never buy another ticket, jersey, or any other item, again if Denver shakes Tebow.

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If Elway and company give up on Tebow before he even has an opportunity ---- then Elway and company are the idiots to throw away potential. Tebow is here -- give him a chance to produce before you throw him away. This is like saying Kurt Warner is worthless cuz he played in the Arena League and obviously can't play at the NFL level


One player doesn't make a team. Mr Orange is more like Mr Fairweather flip flop. He will be back.


I'll buy three a year if they get rid of Tebow.


If we trade him he will come back to the Broncos in three days it has been recorded in the Bible. Tim Tebow shall rise again!

CJ Powell
CJ Powell

Give me a break - I said the same thing when they traded Cutler, and now I'm just as crazy for the Broncos as I was when I was 12. This city will never turn its back on the Broncos, even if they trade Tebow. You're telling me that your loyalty and allegiance are with an unproven, former college great that's been with the team for less than a year OVER a team that has been great to this community for 50 years?

Mr Orange303
Mr Orange303

This is not about a single player . It involves a number of investments that I have made to support this team.

fair weather? You guys seem to think because I would choose not to spend money on a jersey or tickets that I wouldnt follow the team.

I will till I die. Always have. So that is an incorrect assumption.

I just tire of the thousands I spend and have (i spend my tax return on tix and more every year alone)

i buy these items. To support our Broncos. I should not have to wear only throwbacks and baileys because of the worry of throwing my money away.

Marshall, Cutler, even hillis. Ive got some Broncos the fans loved

Some I had to custom order.

That undying type of love and spending wont be kept by me.

I have 4 kids. They are Tebowed out . Head to toe every weekend.

Even till this day.

Ive purcharsed at least 3k in newer Broncos gear in the last 2 years alone. That doesnt include tickets to games.

So yes I do intend on staying a fan by supporting the Broncos every sunday.

I just wont spend my money on the things I once did.

I know several people like this. So im not alone.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

That's a blindside hit, Mtn_bear41. Thanks for posting.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Hilarious take, Corey -- and definite Comment of the Day material. Thanks for posting.


That is fair. I did make an incorrect assumption. You have spend more on Broncos stuff in a season than I have in my life. Your comment had made it seem that you were giving up on the Broncos, not just from the wallet side.

I stand corrected.

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