Reader: Denver mayoral candidates Hancock, Romer, Boigon & Mejia all giant douches

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In a post yesterday, we praised Michael Hancock's new campaign ad in comparison with those released to date by rivals such as Chris Romer, Carol Boigon and James Mejia.

But at least one reader wasn't buying what any of these candidates is selling.

Andrew writes:

Romer, Boigon, Mejia, Hancock... talk about Giant Douches and Turd Sandwiches.

These four are the most backwards thinking candidates in the mayoral race. It would be a disaster if any of them were elected.

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Lynn Miller
Lynn Miller

Maybe Andrew would like to elaborate and give some details!

Linda Wagner
Linda Wagner

You mean the guy who voted to give a raise to the city council, the mayor, the clerk, the auditor and recorder?

Include the benefits into the city council's package and they are currently making close to $110K a year. But apparently they are suffering and need a raise.

So for a city that already has a deficit of $100 million, you're voting for the guy that just added over $125K of new debt? Is that the fiscally responsible candidate you're talking about?


Linda you got it all wrong, all Robert cares about is weed just like all pot heads.


Wrong -- if you have read my posts you would know that I am aware of a wide range of issues in Denver and have taken public positions on any number besides cannabis. I disagree with raising the salary of City Councilors too but that decision doesn't make Doug's opponents look any more attractive.

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