Dog the Bounty Hunter: Did Duane Chapman make false report about CO Springs shooting?

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Duane Chapman.
You might recall the hubbub back in 2009 when news broke that Duane "Dog" Chapman and his Dog the Bounty Hunter crew had apparently been shot at while attempting to apprehend a bail jumper in Colorado Springs. But now, the man arrested following the April 21, 2009 incident is suing the lion-maned reality TV star for falsely claiming he fired a gun.

Reports the Colorado Springs Gazette:

Hoang Minh Phung Nguyen contends that Chapman, his sons Duane Chapman II and Leland Blane Chapman and local bail bondsman Bobby Brown defamed him and had him falsely arrested.

Nguyen also claims the Chapmans injured him by firing pepper pellets as he fled on a motorcycle during the April 21, 2009 incident outside the Galley Apartments at 3617 E. Uintah Avenue.

Though Nguyen was arrested and booked by Colorado Springs Police on suspicion of attempted second-degree murder, menacing and possession of a weapon by a previous offender, El Paso County prosecutors declined to file charges for lack of evidence. Still, Chapman and his wife defended their report that Nguyen had a gun to several media outlets, including in an interview on Larry King Live.

Audio of police radio correspondence during the affair does show police dispatchers relaying reports of men with "machine guns" creating a scene. But those men turned out to be members of Dog's own crew running about the area with pepper ball guns.

In his lawsuit, Nguyen says the media exposure caused him to lose his job in the Springs. (He now lives in Denver.) If the parties fail to reach a settlement, the case could go to trial as early as November.

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Dog (Duane Chapman) is nothing more than an egotistical prick. I was driving by his shop a few months ago and just so happened to see him. So I pulled around the alley to possibly chat and take a picture with him. He totally blew me off. I used to party at his house in Swansea back in the early 90's and I knew him and his sons quite well. He told me "how is it " I tried to have a conversation but, he didn't want anything to do with me. So it just goes to show about a person you once knew, gets a few bucks and never look back. I used to be proud he made good for himself and watched and recorded all the shows via DVR. I will never watch or say anything good about a man who has a rap sheet longer than most of the people he chases, look it up in denver. Take it from me, all that gibberish about caring about people and being a so called man of god, yada yada yada.He is all about the himself and his own interest "money" nothing else, it's all a show. If you think he's ugly on T.V. you should see him in person, 5' 7" and red as a lobster, his health don't look that good, more like leather face. Dog you should join the circus because thats all you are is a clown, wooing the people with your bullshit. Good ridance you jive turkey.

Paul Armstrong
Paul Armstrong

As usual, this blog is out to lunch. Police already determined it was the neighbors calling in reports of guns and the Police cleared Dog of any wrong doing. This is just a street level scumbag who should have been in court.

Check your facts for once

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