Doug Linkhart tops Denver mayor ballot: Ten names appear, at least one contesting rejection

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Doug Linkhart.
And then there were ten -- Denver mayoral candidates approved to be on the ballot, that is.

Doug Linkhart, the Teapot Party fave, wound up in the coveted first slot. And at least one of the hopefuls left behind plans to contest his exclusion.

Here's the order in which the candidates will appear on the ballot, according to the Denver Elections Division:

Doug Linkhart

Carol Boigon

Chris Romer

Thomas Andrew Wolf

James Mejia

Jeff Peckman

Theresa Spahn

Michael B. Hancock

Danny F. Lopez

Ken Simpson

Marcus Giavanni thinks he belongs on this roster, too. Speaking this morning, he says he turned in a petition with 427 signatures. Then, at 5:45 p.m. yesterday, he received a call saying that fewer than 300 had been deemed valid, making him ineligible for inclusion on the ballot. (The total number of signatures okayed by officials, he says, was 176.) Given that the deadline for a decision was 6 p.m., he feels he wasn't given sufficient time to deal with this situation. "I'm going to contest it," he says.

In the meantime, here are links to our Denver mayor's race profiles and more, featuring candidates given the city's blessing, as well as those, like Giavanni, who were told they'd fallen short.

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Marcus Giavanni
Marcus Giavanni

It wasn’t that I was given sufficient time, I knew the rules! I think that the count may have been off due to the amount of petitions that were handed in I was the 10 person in on the 9th.

Even if I had the needed 300 petitions, my attorney would still have been contested the count, this is good quality assurance.

If I’m wrong about the count that’s ok, I will be supporting and guiding Danny Lopez.

The other thing that bothers me is that the Council Members that are in the race for Mayor, why did it take them to run for Mayor to say “Now they are going to help Denver move forward”?

It’s okay the voters are watching and they will soon know the truth.

What’s another 4 years of the shell game; I still know where the pea is.

Wake up Denver; this is not a popularity contest the only losers will be us citizens and our children.

Don’t get fooled by the RTD request for a tax hike…”WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE TO USE THE FAS TRACK SYSTEM”!

My home town…Phoenix 2years ago started their Fas Track System, and they are worried?Phoenix has 4.5 million Metro populations with a general population of 2.5 million; Denver has 2.5 million Metro populations with a general population of fewer than 600,000 thousand; you do the math.

I spoke to a RTD spokesman, Scott Reid and he said I was 100% correct and yet he told me that they are going to continue the build-out.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you Denver, just because I was not born here doesn’t mean my living in much bigger cities I can’t see the writing on the walls!

God Bless the Beautiful City and County of Denver and may they have the courage to open their eyes and vote their Consciences.



Peckman made the ballot? Where'd he find 300 UFO looney tunes to sign for that? Or were most of them signing as a joke, like how Donald Duck routinely gets a few votes for president?

Interesting that Giavanni doesn't mention when he turned in his petition, or at least this article doesn't. If he turned them in that day at noon and they called back at 5:45, seems pretty reasonable. If he turned them in a week ago, he has a good point and should pursue it.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Zenhound, I may have gotten a bit muddled, but it's my understanding that Giavanni turned in the signatures on the 9th, and he received a call back at 5:45 p.m. on the 10th.

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