Jacob Lauver identified as victim of homicide on 2800 block of West Vassar (60)

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Update: Still no release from the Denver Police Department about the shooting on the 2800 block of West Vassar early Saturday morning. However, the Denver coroner's office has identified the victim in the incident as Jacob Lauver, 21. At this point, the official cause of death is pending an autopsy -- but there's no doubt about its classification. As noted by the coroner's office release, "The manner of death is homicide." Page down to read our previous coverage.

Original item, 7:35 a.m. March 14: Early Saturday morning, the 2800 block of West Vassar was disrupted by gunfire that reportedly riddled the area with bullets and left one person dead.

Thus far, the Denver Police Department hasn't released any information about the victim, or even a general release about the crime. The only thing official to come from the DPD thus far on the incident is the following tweet from its Twitter feed:

BREAKING NEWS: DPD Offcrs and Dets are investigating a homicide which occurred at 2850 W. Vassarless than a minute ago via web

Look below to see an interactive graphic from near the scene; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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More from our Mile High Murder archive: "Adam Raszynski: Did mom Rita Redford shoot him & he stomp her head over car cushion? (59)."

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2 years and still no justice for my sweet boy I love and miss you son


My son was not a tortured soul. He lived his life to the fullest with no regrets. Everyday was a new day to him. He loved his son and family. He was a kind and gentle soul despite his appearance. He was judge from the outside not for who he truly was. I will be forever proud to call him my son. I hope the persons that took his life suffer as much if not more than the pain of a mother losing her child.


i loved jacob with all my heart and miss him so much.... he meant alot to me and many other people.. he touched alot of us and will never be forgotten... RIP jacob...


Rest in peace brother I love and miss you -Shay


No one deserves to be taken from this life that way. Pretty spineless! Jacob was loved by many and will be truly missed. His tortured soul is finally at rest! Rest in peace my friend! Tammy

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