James Mejia coached by Adam Cayton-Holland: Hot Pockets of Money for Everybody! (VIDEO)

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While James Mejia may not be considered the front-runner in the Denver mayoral race, he's willing to push the publicity envelope to earn some attention -- and possibly a few more votes. Take his decision to sit down for a video interview with stand-up comic and former Westword writer Adam Cayton-Holland -- a move that's the first sign of life in entire mayoral race.

The resulting video was first shown on Friday night at "The Grawlix," the monthly comedy show at the Avenue Theater that Cayton-Holland co-produces as part of the local stand-up collective Wrist Deep Productions. It plays like something straight out of The Daily Show. And while that may make some political prudes squirm, it's likely enough to score Mejia (whose name apparently is Spanish for "mayor") a few more votes from the YouTube set. That is, unless those votes don't end up going to Cayton-Holland. That funny young whippersnapper would look damn nice behind a podium...

Mejia from Adam Cayton-Holland on Vimeo.

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Also, this shit is hilarious and I'm voting Mejia now.


Westword should have to pay ACH some serious cash for a blog post featuring his humor this after firing/laying off their funniest writer ever.

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