Jay Sheridan: Jackie Hasty charged in death of Limon officer killed by husband Dennis Hasty

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Update: Sex offender Dennis Hasty can't face charges for the murder of Limon police officer Jay Sheridan, having killed himself prior to being captured.

However, his common-law wife, Jackie Hasty, is looking at two counts in relation to the crime, including manslaughter.

Look below to see a release from the 18th Judicial District DA's office with more details, followed by our earlier coverage.

18th Judicial District DA's office release:

The People of the State of Colorado vs. Jackie Hasty

Case Number: 2011CR17

Charges Filed in Limon Police Officer's Murder

Hugo, Co. -- Today, the 18th Judicial District Attorney's Office formally filed charges against Jackie Hasty, 49. Hasty's husband, Dennis Hasty, shot and killed Limon Police Officer Jay Sheridan, 27, last week when he and two other officers attempted to arrest Hasty on an out-of-state fugitive warrant on behalf of the U.S. Marshall's Office.

Jackie Hasty has been charged with:

• Manslaughter -- Reckless (Class 4 Felony)
• Accessory to a crime (Class 6 Felony)

A formal advisement hearing scheduled for this morning was continued by the court.

Hasty is due back in Lincoln County Court for an advisement hearing Tuesday, March 22 at 8:45 am.

The 18th Judicial District Attorney's Office is bound by the law to ensure that the rights of victims and defendants are not violated.

All persons are presumed innocent in any criminal matter unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

jay sheridan.JPG
Jay Sheridan.
Original item, 7:37 a.m. March 11: The community of Limon is still reeling from the killing of Officer Jay Sheridan, even though locals know Dennis Hasty, the man who murdered him, is dead, too.

Hasty, 52, killed himself rather than be captured, leaving behind a vile legacy of sex crimes and a final recording in which he correctly noted that he was in "deep shit."

Hasty was from Tennessee, where he was convicted in 1993 of incest. As noted by the Denver Post in the item linked above, he was originally sentenced to probation, then sent to prison after repeatedly violating its terms. He was jailed from 2001 until 2005, and upon his release, he neglected to register as a sex offender.

Cut to 2009, when authorities made a welfare check at the home where Hasty was living at the time. Found residing with him? Two runaway teenage girls.

Soon, Hasty was running as well, but the race ended this week -- and unfortunately, he took Sheridan's life before doing likewise with his own.

Below, see Hasty's booking photo, followed by a U.S. Marshals Service statement, a 9News video featuring the aforementioned recording, in which he insists the shooting of Sheridan was an accident, and a clip from the Post providing an inside look at the trailer where everything went wrong.

dennis hasty mug shot.JPG
Dennis Hasty.
U.S. Marshals Service release:

U.S. Marshals statement on the death of Officer Jay Sheridan

DENVER -- The U.S. Marshals Service issued the following statement Thursday afternoon:

"The U.S. Marshals Service is deeply saddened at the tragic loss of Officer Jay Sheridan of the Limon Police Department," said U.S. Marshal John Kammerzell. "The Marshals Service stands together with our fellow law enforcement partners during this time of mourning. Both I and my staff have met with and are in close communication with Chief Lynn Yowell and other county and state agencies involved in this situation."


The U.S. Marshals Service District of Colorado, in coordination with the Knoxville office of the U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force in the Eastern District of Tennessee, developed information that fugitive Dennis Mark Hasty, approximately 52 years old, may be in the area of Limon, Colo. Hasty was being sought on a Roane County, Tennessee warrant for a sex offender registry violation. The U.S. Marshals alerted authorities from the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office late yesterday afternoon, which coordinated with the Limon Police Department in an attempt to locate the fugitive, who was eventually discovered deceased.

The U.S. Marshals will continue to assist the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, 18th Judicial District of Colorado, Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, and the Limon Police Department, in the investigation involving Dennis Mark Hasty. Further inquiries should be directed to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and the Limon Police Department.

More from our News archive: "Sam Brownlee, first Weld County deputy killed in line of duty since 1940: Tributes pour in."

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If Dennis Hasty was single and took a hostage in Tennessee and was hiding in Limon, would the hostage be blamed for not reporting Dennis to the authorities? I look at Jackie as a hostage. From what I've read, she was trying to get away from an abusive person, but was scared of being killed or having one of her loved ones get killed if she did get away. Abuse can make a person turn into a slave given the right circumstances.

I can't blame the folks in Limon for being angry either. Losing a beloved man and police officer, just doing his job, trying to protect the citizens of Limon and he gets gunned down in cold blood. That is sad and tragic in so many ways I can't count them all. Hopefully everyone can get through this to get over it eventually.

I don't think that Jackie should go to prison over this tragedy.


So sad about the poor officer, and his family, my prayers go out to his wife and little girl, but as for Dennis Hastys ex or so called common law wife, she is no victim and far from it, she knew how he was for years, and she knows it, it was alright with her back then and she stayed, and she could have left, any time, don't let her fool you, she is a warped person I grant her that, for hooking up with him and staying and hiding him out, and she is a piece dirt, on her own even if she had not been with him, yes I think she should spend time in jail, for harboring him, and any thing else they can get her for,

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Interesting, Hermit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


as a neighbor of these 2 people they were together for over 20 years and she knew what he was going to do! she should have told the police before she let them in!


So your her son? After everything she claims happened , if she was being victimized ... Where were you? Where was her family? Ya'll claim she called and said she was being terrorized and abused? I mean when Jackie and Mark (Dennis) Did that to MY MOTHER I propmptly got on a plane and had there asses thrown out. Jackie Chased Mark just like Mark chased her they left victims in there wake every where they went thats why NO ONE including your family wanted her around...she will get what ever she has coming be it in court or karma  catching up to her.



Praying for Jackie as well!
Praying for Jackie as well!

I definitely don't feel that Officer Sheridan deserved to die, but I also feel like Dennis shouldn't have shot himself. I believe in do unto others have they have done unto you. He should have turned himself in and the victims or the victims families should have been allowed to punish him in whatever way they seen fit. As for Jackie, I don't know what she has done to others because that's not exactly something that you mention to people. However she does need to right whatever wrongs she has done. I don't feel that being charged for something that Dennis did is the answer.

Just saying!
Just saying!

You had me there for just a tiny second until you said they were two people that died that did not deserve? I only see one the officer, that need not have happened, and bless his soul and his families, Dennis yes took the cowad way out, and should have done that first, instead of taking another's life, I am not the law, so it is out of my hands as to what will happen to her, it's my personal feelings as to what her part in this and the past things that she has done that I say that she made her bed now she can lay in it, she probably was traumatized, and afraid at times, but I no she her self has had a hand in doing the same thing to others, so I say to that KARMA is a bitch!

Praying for Jackie as well!
Praying for Jackie as well!

She did try and leave him several times! It just always ended up badly for her. You've obviously never been in an abusive relationship before. Yes you can sit there and say we'll she should've done this or she should've done that, but you didn't have to live that tragedy that was known as her life. Also what the news has failed to report is that Jackie informed the police that he had guns as well as the neighbor. Also that Jackie begged and pleaded with the officers not to go down the hallway. Granted I know that it doesn't matter how violent the relationship was, they're going to get her for harboring a fugitive, but she doesn't deserve to get charged with manslaughter. She tried to warn them and they didn't listen. We can sit here all day and defend Jackie and point out her faults, fact of the matter is that 2 people are dead and neither one of them deserved to die. Jay died doing his job and protecting the town of Limon and Dennis took the cowards way out. There's 2 widows, one who is grieving for the loss of her solemate and the father of her child and the other who already feels like she should have been stronger for herself as well as others. Jackie already has to live with the image of a man dying before her eyes, she feels like she could have done more to prevent this from happening. I think she's already suffering enough, don't punish her anymore.

Just saying
Just saying

Uh she was from tenneese, and so was her family aren't you, and she was in Colorado, so instead of going to Arby's , why didn't she just go back home and leave him there? He was the one supposed to be hiding out right? Not her! No because she was the one habaring him and helping him, some is saying because she loved him and was brain washed! Bull s..t!! She new all about him years ago, and it was alright with her, and how was he going to hurt her family from Colorado? Your not, if your so afraid of him and not harboring him, you leave and go back home and call the law so he can't hurt you, not go to work and come back home and keep his sorry ass up, you can say what you want, know she did not shoot that poor officer he did, but she needs to be accounted for to for some of the things she has done. And I think she is now

Praying for Jackie as well!
Praying for Jackie as well!

Obviously none of you know Jackie or what she endured being with Dennis! You have no clue what horrible thoughts ran through her mind everytime she tried leaving him. No matter how long your with a person or what you know about a person if you fear that person will harm you or even worse your family you will do whatever to make sure that doesn't happen. Dennis beat her all the time, one time he back handed her so hard it caved in her face! That's just one incident, I could go on for days! So until you know Jackie or what she's been through with this man you have no right to voice your opinion about her future. I'm greatly sadden by the death of Officer Jay Sheridan, he nor his family deserved this, but Jackie didn't pull the trigger so stop treating her as though she did.

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