Jimmer Fredette and Tim Tebow in Denver together? God only knows...

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Facebook Jimmer.
At 5:15 p.m. today, Jimmer Fredette will join his BYU teammates at the Pepsi Center to take on Wofford in the first round of the NCAA basketball championships -- and according to the Denver Post's Woody Paige, Tim Tebow may turn up to watch a baller with a reputation every bit as squeaky-clean as his.

Could this pairing become a regular thing?

As we noted in a previous post, Fredette's girlfriend, Whitney Wonnacott, is from the Denver area and attended Chatfield High School, giving him a fine reason to look toward settling in Colorado. And while the Nuggets are doing mighty well right now -- their fourth quarter dismantling of the Atlanta Hawks in A-town last night was positively inspirational -- they could use a player with Fredette's deadly shooting touch.

As could pretty much every other team in the NBA -- and that's the rub.

In the meantime, Fredette's prolific offensive skills have made him a favorite of many fans -- but as Paige correctly points out, he's a polarizing figure, as is Tebow, due to his gooder-than-good image. Consider his Facebook page, on which he's careful not to publish anything that might dim his golden glow. Here's a sampling of his benign wall posts of late:

mwc tourny tomorrow thanks for the support this year March 9 at 5:46pm

semi's here we come!!!
March 10 at 3:05pm

thanks for the support today!!
March 11 at 9:26pm

i have the best fans in the world!
March 12 at 11:17am

Now time to get ready for NCAA tournament
March 12 at 9:02pm

we play Wofford in the first round
March 13 at 4:07pm

After that expected victory, the road for BYU gets much tougher, particularly in light of Brandon Davies's suspension for an honor code violation. But no matter how far the Cougars get, Fredette's star will continue to rise. But where? Only Tim Tebow's savior -- and His dad -- know for sure.

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Jordan Mollins
Jordan Mollins

Will Jimmer hit more then 4 three-pointers vs. Gonzaga? Predict this correctly and be on your way to winning an all-inclusive stay in Mexico! bit.ly/dPCc25


It's whether or not he can play that counts.


If this kid's as adept as Tebow with the self promoting goody two shoes presentation, he'll get the same warm welcome Tebow got from the shrewd, moneyed up white evangelical conservative enterpreneurial demographic. But, as with Tebow, sooner than later, he'll have to compete. That's when the whole deal goes pass-fail.

In Tebow's case, the football part didn't go so well, but nobody can deny that his signing temporarily slowed the Broncos' mass season ticket defections. Tebow got film through his limited play to use for his future cash cow religious projects, and even got a book deal.


The step up from NCAA Division I to any form of play for pay basketball, whether it's Europe, Continental League, all the way to NBA, is daunting. If this kid can play at that level, he'll make it. His religious beliefs, his political bent, his dating habits will mean nothing to anybody but the agent hoping to get rich off him.

We'll see.

Tony P
Tony P

Whats wrong, why do you think that a player has to be a criminal to be any good? If you don't like writing about good guys you better quit now because there are more comming!!!

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Hope you're right about the good guys, Tony -- especially if they can play. Thanks for posting.

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