Marcus Giavanni files complaint over exclusion from Denver mayoral ballot: Read it here

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Marcus Giavanni.
The morning after ten Denver mayoral candidates qualified for the ballot, Marcus Giavanni, whose petition was deemed "insufficient," said he would file a complaint about his exclusion -- and he's done just that.

The document, on view below, targets Denver clerk and recorder Stephanie O'Malley and argues that the rejection of many allegedly invalid signatures was improper.

The complaint notes that Giavanni, referred to as Mark Andrew Nelson-Giavanni, turned in 427 signatures; 300 valid signatures were required to reach the ballot. Of this total, 176 were denied, leaving him 124 short. However, the document states:

Upon examination, it now appears that O'Malley's office erroneously rejected well in excess of 124 valid signatures. It appears that O'Malley's office failed to adopt the standard of substantial compliance under Fabec v. Beck, 922P.2d330, 341 (Colo 1996). Under Fabec, the right to petition is a fundamental right under the Colorado Constitution which should be liberally construed. Her office must not impose strict, technical statutory compliance to the extent that the people's right to petition their government is unfairly impeded thereby.

Givanni's attorney, Richard Daily, asks the court to act quickly, given that the mayoral election is slated for May 3. Here's the complete complaint:

Marcus Giavanni Petition to Appear on Denver Mayoral Ballot

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Boy..this is awesome...!!!

For the record (true story), I decided to pull this law suit. Because even if I would have won this case, I would have missed the printing dates of the ballots so my name would not have been printed. 

Lesson learned: Anyone thinking about running for office; getting signatures is the most exciting and sometimes can be most degrading with some of the stuff people would say (so much for being a loose cannon) I bit my lip!!!

Anyway...feeling depressed things blew up in my

I was contacted by a friend and he said, “You should run as a write in candidate”. You have some really great ideas and you would be the first Puerto Rican Mayor!

Anyway...we talked about how all 9 of the candidates made it on the ballet, but lost in the primaries. These candidates after loosing went and supported and joined Romers Camp. 

Leaving Candidate Hancock all by himself as the underdog?

Whilst,I was on the phone I paused from talking (lol), I saw a commercial of candidate Hancock when he was a little boy. The reporter asked him what he wanted to be. And his face lit up and he said..”I want to be Mayor”..and I went ah... lol

It was then I told my friend, “I will run as I write in candidate..even though most of the time it's considered a joke in some circles and I really did not care what other circles thought about me. I excepted long ago that 1/3 of the people don't care, the other 1/3 hates me and it's the other 1/3 I look to for coexisting. 

Anyway...I wanted to win but candidate Hancock had to win...but there was a chance I could have won (as dumb as that may sound), so I acted accordingly. I ran as if I was going to win, whilst I really I went down as a laughing stock to certain circles yet my 30,000 robo calls that was used against both candidates Chris Romer and Michael Hancock with my “Who Is Destroying Denver Campaign” hit strong and hit hard enough to sway the election. 

Numbers don't lie (people do), and you can look it up on the internet.

Though, this is little known to the Denver's voting public. Because I was just the Jester Candidate...there to only to make certain circles laugh.

I want to thank Michael Roberts a man I never met, but respect.

Here is the second part of the story.

In time everyone will know this was just a prequel to whats coming!!!

Thank you for letting me tell my story!

“Who Is Destroying Denver”


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