Michael Hancock's new commercial the ad to beat in Denver mayor's race (VIDEOS)

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Videos below.
To date, Denver mayor's race commercials have ranged from the slick predictability of spots for Chris Romer and James Mejia to the unintentional humor of Carol Boigon's clip, in which she spends as much time talking about John Hickenlooper as herself and ends with the line, "I'll do what it takes to make Denver sore" -- okay, "soar," but you get the point. Yet all three look mighty weak in comparison with the just-released promo for Michael Hancock.

In documentary style, the ad tells Hancock's story, focusing on the most dramatic elements -- homelessness! a sibling dead of AIDS! another one murdered! -- before the candidate himself shows up in bold closeup to intone, "I never gave up."

It's strong stuff capable of making a real impact in this overstuffed contest -- depending on how much dough Hancock's campaign has for TV airtime, that is.

Check out the aforementioned spots below.

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I think Hancocks a pretty good guy. At the same time, he is very much into keeping people in their place. He is very much the profession­al politician and makes sure that those around him are reminded of their place in the pecking order. That really bothers me and makes me believe that if elected, it will be politics as usual, rather than being the representa­tive of the average person. He voted for the raise for City Council, which was bad timing and really, totally wrong when city employees are, this week, taking their second unpaid furlough day.It will be interestin­g to watch his choice for chief of police, after announcing that change is mandatory. If it's true that the culture of the department needs to be changed, than you can't go back inside that same culture. Everyone in the current administra­tion is accountabl­e for the current situation. So, if he chooses someone like Dr. Tracie Keesee, his friend and a current division chief, then we'll know that, once again, it's cronyism and politics as usual and his promise of change was empty.


Hmm..I have friends with much more tragedy in their lives than this. It does not mean they would make the mayor we will need for the next four years..(Andrew..as I lack your experience in "Giant Douches" and unlike you have never eaten "Turd Sandwiches" your metaphors are lost on me..maybe some specifics?)


Romer, Boigon, Mejia, Hancock... talk about Giant Douches and Turd Sandwiches.

These four are the most backwards thinking candidates in the mayoral race. It would be a disaster if any of them were elected.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Vivid post, Andrew. We're going to make it an upcoming Comment of the Day. Congrats.

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