Reader: Blogger outed by Guerin Green attacks power grabs, defends recall target Nate Easley

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Reporter Melanie Asmar has been covering the recall effort aimed at Denver Public Schools board president Nate Easley, including a post about publisher Guerin Green identifying a pseudonymous blogger critical of an anti-Easley group.

In our comments section, that blogger fired back under her own name.

Linda Wagner writes:

Let me reassure the easily alarmed Guerin that the reasons why a blogger in Estes Park cares about shady organizations, power grabs on a school board and unethical pseudo-journalists are the same reasons that the majority of thinking Democrats engage in politics -- to keep the process above board, transparent and accountable.

I wrote the article questioning the recall and questioning DeFENSE's tactics and lack of transparency because it stinks to high heaven. For a "loose fit group of activists", they sure are paranoid when asked simple questions such as what their donations from purchasing Andrea Merida's merchandise on their website are going to. Or why they haven't filed with the Secretary of State's office. Or who writes under their own anonymous blogger handle Denver DeFENSE. Or who is their media representative that is issuing their press releases. Or why John McBride is listed as their person point contact, along with his phone number, on their "Contact our Team Leaders" page.

Guerin's "expose" of an anonymous blogger only added proof that there are some folks out there that are damned nervous about the questions being asked and will do just about anything to shut up anyone that asks them.

This isn't about the Senate primary. If it was, I never would have publicly defended Andrea Merida against the recall attempt on her last fall. This is about exactly what I wrote.

The questions I asked still remain unanswered.

This is about a power grab, by hook or by crook, to give the minority on the board of DPS the majority for the next two years.

The claim by Guerin of "what appeared to be a coordinated attack" is truly a leap in logic. If one anonymous blogger writing a diary questioning a less than forthcoming organization and its motives sets off Guerin's conspiratorial instincts, I suggest he refrain from renting Oliver Stone's "JFK". That movie will positively send him into a tailspin.

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So Ms. Wagner claims to be against "power grabs" and wants to keep politics "above board, transparent and accountable." That's high comedy coming from a supporter of Michael Bennet and the current School Board majority.

Bennet's appointment and the subsequent force-feeding of Bennet to Colorado Democrats were far from "above board." That was one "power grab" Ms. Wagner could get behind, apparently. Out of curiosity, will the President be allowing us to choose our next mayor? Or will Organizing for America be deciding that race for us too?

Ms. Wagner defends in grandiose terms the School Board majority, which has worked harder to protect Mr. Bennet's interests than it has worked for the Denver Public Schools. Perhaps, being from Estes Park, Ms. Wagner is not aware that the present School Board majority has refused to reveal the details of the DPS financing deal and has obfuscated the workings of the DPS at every turn. There is currently no transparency and no accountability.

Finally, Bennet is orchestrating the anti-recall, yet his name does not appear on this flyer: . Is that "above board" and "transparent"?

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