NFL lockout looms: Is John Fox's first season as coach of Denver Broncos about to go BOOM?

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Denver blog posts tripled.

Mile High Report's Troy Hufford oversees an open thread about the NFL lockout. Bad news on the way?

Coyote Gulch dives into five new water issues.'s Jason Salzman tells the tale of the midnight gerrymander. Scary.

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Thank you Eric. Don't get me wrong, I was a die hard Bronco fan since the 70's, and I was lucky enough to enjoy 10 seasons as a season ticket holder. I saw John Elway's last victory in Mile High stadium when the Broncos beat the Jets.

I remember Pat Bowlen promising the fans that we wouldn't have to pay more to watch the Broncos in the old Mile High stadium, but he lied. After the Broncos won the first Superbowl, we ended up paying about $10 a game more before anyone set foot in Invesco Field.

As a fan who has experienced both the old Mile High and the Invesco Field atmospheres, IMHO the new facility sucked the soul out of 'Mile High Magic'. That place is nice and new, but it is dead as a mausoleum.

The old creaky Mile High stadium had a history, it had a sense of place and it was paid for. The new Invesco Field is just bogus. It priced the old south standers out of their tickets for a seat instead of a bench and a cup holder, oh can't forget the cup holders they get for that extra $10. Our seats got moved up from the bottom of the 4th level (almost the top of the 3rd level) to the new 3rd level, comparable to the old 5th level at old Mile High to accomdate the new Club Level for rich people to sip latte's and eat quiche (it cost extra for a 'seat license', so you better be rich to sit there)

I could go on and on. So, yeah, I still watch the Broncos on TV and talk to my uncle about the game or whatnot, but I am way over Bronco Mania, they lost me when they took away the Mile High Magic and sold out for a Mile High Mausoleum.


I hope the millionaire players and the billionaire owners give us an NFL free 2011 and nobody notices.

Professional sports are just entertainment and our latest edition of football heroes care about their respective cities as long as the contract lasts, then they move away to a new city and take their money with them, unless they get injured or are washed up and end up on the police blotter.

Sports franchise owners are no better. Remember Pat Bowlen's promise to field a first class NFL team to compete for a Superbowl when the citizens of the metro area gives him a new stadium? He threatened to sell the team if he didn't get the stadium. He didn't know where it would go, but he fished in enough people to believe him. Yeah, like LA wants another NFL team after two busts.

Well, he won 2 in the old Mile High Stadium and hasn't sniffed a Superbowl since. If he didn't convince John Elway to come back one more time he wouldn't have gotten the vote for his new stadium (Invesco Field at Mile High). A stadium he only had to pay for a quarter of, and the people of the metro area got the tab for the rest. Even had to sell the naming rights.

I hope the people of Denver enjoy paying for a playground for rich people while the rich spoiled brats take their ball and go home and pout.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Strong take, Hermit. Thanks for reading and posting.



EXCELLENT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You simply could not have described the atmosphere better, and you described the con Bowlen/Ellis ran to scare the locals (like me) to a tee.

As the years following the retirement of Elway have come and gone, the product out of Dove Valley has deteriorated, bit by bit, year by year. The talent level has nosedived in the last 5 years primarily because Bowlen/Ellis have recognized the value of pocketing revenue rather than paying for championship caliber players.

It's the very shell game they put on the scoreboard during games. Oh, how they must laugh when the balls are shuffling, and the 76,000 or so suckers in the stadium try to guess where the correct one lands. The Broncos are mocking them and they don't even get it.

We'll see if the grift continues successfully after the lockout ends, if it ever does. Considering the state of the American workplace, with few good paying jobs available, outsourcing the norm, prices rising and the republicans zeroing in on what's left of the treasury, the denver broncos might just become last on a significant number of the 19,000 season ticket account holders' priority lists.

The con of signing old, washed up white players like John Lynch, drafting young but incapable white christian fanatic quarterbacks like Tebow to satisfy the Douglas County demographic might not be enough to fill the stadium any more.

Perish the thought, but for the denver broncos to be successful in the future, in these tough economic times, they may, just might, have to field capable and talented teams consisting of well compenstated players that can win.

That is, if the NFL survives.

If it doesn't, who cares? . .

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