Parking ticket at 4 a.m. for a tire on the curb? Denver enforcement never sleeps...

Denver parking enforcement never sleeps -- as those who take advantage of the new overnight parking option downtown will soon know all too well. I have the evidence: a ticket issued at 4:24 a.m. last Monday. The violation? Parking on the curb. On about six inches of the curb, judging from this photo.

Yes, five parking officers are always on overnight duty in the city, searching out scofflaws. And yes, parking on a curb -- even the curb in front of your house -- is against the law, as the parking-ticket referee I saw last week assured me.

I'm becoming a frequent, if frustrated, flier in that office, most recently having visited for the expired plate ticket I received while parked in front of the Department of Motor Vehicles office on Welton Street, where I was in the process of renewing my plates.

And much as I enjoy a visit to the Wellington E. Webb building, where the referee is located, I read with interest this morning about a New York City program that is allowing residents to fight parking tickets online -- submitting written rebuttals and uploading supporting materials. New officials promise a decision within ten days.

I wonder how they'll like my picture of the dreaded curb overlap?

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In NYC, you'd get ticketed just as fast for parking on the curb. You'll also get a ticket for 'abutting' the curb (tire pressed against it), unless parked on a steep hill, and parking more than 12 inches from the curb. And, yes, they do carry rulers to measure!Just curious... did you not notice your car was tilted at a strange angle when you parked? Why would anyone think that parking ON the curb was appropriate? Why not just go all the way and park on the sidewalk?


I've noticed a lot more cops out "keeping the streets safe" since it was announced that the DPD has to cut $24 million of their budget...

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

At the risk if incurring the ire of the boss, offdisc, we're going to make your post an upcoming Comment of the Day. Thanks for posting.


Thanks! I'm just glad I didn't go so far as to suggest a Driver's Ed class. :-)

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