Rosendo "Sir Kong" Santa Cruz, nicknamed crew indicted in Weld County gang roundup

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Rosendo Sir Kong Santa Cruz mug shot cropped.JPG
Big pics below.
The Colorado Organized Crime Control Act (COCCA) hadn't been used in Weld County for a gang-related case until last week, when five men were indicted by a grand jury on a multitude of charges, including assault, witness intimidation and racketeering.

As a bonus, all of them, as well as many associates, boast bad-ass nicknames.

The quintet, who are scheduled to be making their first court appearance at this writing, include Rosendo Santa Cruz, aka "Kong," "Sir Kong" or "Malo;" Ramon Acevedo, aka "Ace;" Joseph Perez, aka "Abel;" Jeremiam Guajardo, aka "Reeper;" and Christopher Cox, who probably preferred the moniker "Crook" over the Caucasian-designating "Vanilla."

They're accused of associating with other members of the 18th Street Gang, which Greeley Police detectives boast of having investigated for fourteen years. Nicknames from this alleged gaggle of goons are equally memorable -- among them Psycho, Lucifer, Sun Bun, Wino, Biscuit, Sicko, Silencio, Creamy, Wicked, Little Boxer, Toro and two handles favored by a couple of well-known dwarfs, Dopey and Bashful.

As for the specific acts, they date back to 1994. On December 2, 1997, for instance, Sir Kong and Ace are said to have committed second-degree assault by using their hands and feet to abuse one Hector Gonzales while he was dying from a gunshot wound.

Look below to see booking photos of the men, followed by a Weld County DA's office press release outlining the case and the complete indictment.

christopher crook cox mug shot.JPG
Christopher Cox, aka "Crook" or "Vanilla."

Jeremiah Reeper Guajardo mug shot cropped.JPG
Jeremiah Guajardo, aka "Reeper."

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