Sad pay phone of the week: The pay phone at Colfax and Pearl

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Location: Next to the Office Depot lot on Colfax and Pearl.

Number: Unknown.

Status: Operable.

Price: 50 cents for local calls.

Photo taken: 2:55 p.m. on February 10.

Going along with the theme of pay phones on Colfax, this phone wears its graffiti proudly as it tries to tempt anxious bus patrons.

The phone isn't next to any buildings and is completely exposed, not only the elements but also everything else Colfax has to offer. That's clear from the scars that run deep all over the phone and phone stand.

Just like most of the pay phones on Colfax, this one is next to the street, forcing the caller to compete with the noise of the bustling traffic that zooms past only a few feet away.

If you plan on making a call from this phone, make sure the weather is favorable. After all, there is no overhang or shelter to protect you while dialing.

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You can get the number for any phone by dialing 1-800-444-4444. It will tell you the number. It's free, and you can actually get out of your car to use the phone!

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Interesting, Webmaster. Maybe the number would make this pay phone less sad.

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