Top 5 adult companies in Colorado that could qualify for new .xxx domains

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The international group that oversees the registry for website domains approved the .xxx domain last week. While the notion of creating a virtual red-light district for online porn has gotten a mixed response from the multi-billion dollar adult entertainment industry, domain names with the .xxx tag are being snatched up. Here are some Colorado businesses that could qualify.

Note that most of the links are NSFW:

La Boheme.jpg
La Boheme
1) VCG Holding Corp.

Headquartered in Lakewood, VCG operates twenty strip-clubs in ten states. In Colorado, this includes Diamond Cabaret, PT's Show Club and La Boheme, making VCG one of the top 100 publicly traded companies in the state last year, according to Colorado Biz Magazine.


By the looks of this website, the people behind aren't exactly corporate porn industry pros. But that only makes them more... real. As the site explains, "Our models are all from the small towns of Colorado and are girls that you will run into in the supermarkets and on the ski slopes of this beautiful state."

3) New Frontier Media

If you've watched pay-per-view porn at a large hotel chain in the U.S. or caught a glimpse of one of the more fleshy programs on Showtime and Cinemax, you've most likely been touched by Boulder-based New Frontier Media -- or NOOF, as it's known on the New York Stock Exchange.


For adult spanking enthusiasts in Colorado, there's, a series of spank-fetish websites run out of a historic brownstone just north of Downtown Denver. Read the 2005 Westword profile on the companies owners and spanking performers here.

Gabi Jones

Examine the backgrounds in the photos presented on this "fat fetish" website and you might recognize some Denver-area locales. Gabi Jones, the featured form in most of the pics, claimed in a recent interview with British newspaper Metro that eating to excess causes her to have orgasms. We'll just have to take her word for it. Or not.

More from our News archive: "Jesus receiving oral sex?: Woman attacks 'Romantic Cannibals' amid art vs. porn debate."

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