Woody Paige named 35th biggest creep in sports by Bleacher Report

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Big pic below.
Bleacher Report recently assembled its list of the 50 biggest creeps in sports, featuring the likes of Brett Favre and Ben Roethlisberger prior to the top dog, former Baylor coach Dave Bliss. And repping Colorado? Not just ex-Bronco Travis Henry and Kobe Bryant, for that little rape controversy in Eagle a few years back, but also Denver Post columnist and ESPN regular Woody Paige -- and not for this 2010 photo of him publicly sucking face.

Instead, article author Sam Westmoreland references a lawsuit from several years back. Here's his Paige blurb:

In 2007, Paige, a former Denver Post columnist turned ESPN analyst, was accused, along with Cold Pizza co-host Jay Crawford, of sexually harassing a female make-up artist.

The charges were dropped, but not before the rumblings of Paige acting like a horny teenager spread across the sports world.

Plus, I didn't know it was actually possible to be wrong 100 percent of the time. I guess blind squirrels don't always find nuts, do they?

woody paige making out.jpg
A larger version of Woody Paige making a friend.
Regarding the suit, it's not the only complaint of its type leveled against Paige over the years, as we pointed out in our 2007 item "Three Pages Woody Would Rather Forget." Back in 1992, Paige stepped down as the Post's executive editor after assistant Carrie Ludicke complained about him verbally abusing her, including calling her a "cunt" during an argument. That same year, the American Journalism Review estimated that Ludicke received a settlement in the $25,000-$30,000 range.

Page down to read two items about the Ludicke matter, both of which predate our web archives. First up is a Patricia Calhoun column in which she documents a pair of previous efforts to settle with Ludicke. That's followed by an Off-Limits item noting that Post employees had to attend sexual harassment seminars due to Paige's actions.

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When is Susan Green going to write another column for Huffington Post? She wrote her one and only column a couple of months ago to lambaste her former employer, and promised more bombshells, but has delivered nada. Her maiden column was taken downthe next day and we haven't seen hide nor hair of Susan since. Did she get fired, or 'tis a privilege to work once every couple of months?



Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Interesting question. We'll keep an eye out for her next salvo. In the meantime, thanks for posting.


If you post the name and phone number of the Huffington Post editor I will call and ask for you. Seems like if this about Woody is news, the thing about Susan would be more interesting. She comes on and says she is going to deliver all the dirt the Post keep hidden, and then disappears. .WTF?

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