4/20 rally in Denver: To legalize or not to legalize... wait, what is the question?

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You walk into Civic Center Park, and immediately you smell it. Happy 4/20, everybody. You keep walking, slowly at first, like a teen at his first day of high school. Where to go first? There are so many people -- some smoking joints, some peddling hand-outs, all wearing the symbol of a marijuana leaf, or at least the color green, somewhere on their bodies. It's like St. Patrick's Day all over again, except Patrick now goes by the name Mary Jane.

As you weave your way through the crowd of people, the vendors and the puffs of smoke, you can feel it cover your clothes. Then your hair. Now there's even a film developing on the screen of your cell phone. Yes, this is it -- the place where Denver's marijuana users gather together, put aside their differences and light up.

Even hours later, the smell of Purple Kush still lingers on your fingers. Not a bad way to spend your day, or your afternoon, or a few hours after work.


Some attendees of yesterday's 4/20 celebration arrived shortly after they woke up -- call it a "wake and take and bake" -- while others came in just before the clock struck 4:20 p.m. Regardless, they all had something to be excited about.

Even Willie Nelson stuck around -- well, a cardboard cut-out of him, anyway -- at the booth for the newly and legally recognized Rocky Mountain chapter of Nelson's national Teapot Party, which is fighting for personal cannabis usage rights here in Colorado.

"I think the community needs to be aware that marijuana has always been around; it's about time we look at legalization," says Kimberly Matteo, a self-described master herbalist and naturopath. Matteo greeted people at the Teapot Party booth, then offered to take their picture with the Nelson cut-out.

"I think what's important is to get the message around the state, create little nuclei of groups that are passionate about legalization in 2012, so that we can make sure that we can finally get it done in the state," Matteo says, with a pot full of optimism.

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Rus Tha Docta Cordova
Rus Tha Docta Cordova

Actually my security guard was probably closer than your estimate, the estimate from the city was 35,000 and a scan from up above just before 420 estimated 42,000. The Rally itself is primarily about bringing the community together and we accomplished that with flying colors! Lots of people put their hearts and souls into making this happen, the "idiots" are the ignorant morons that always have something to say but never any real ground to stand on! Thank you, drive thru! Videos from the rally posted on you tube user name djrussh

Rus Tha Docta Cordova
Rus Tha Docta Cordova

Actually 15,000 max is more of a moronic estimate. The count from above was 35,000 before 420 even hit. Get it straight!


The government's right to proscribe what adults choose to put into their own bodies is very much a civil rights issue. On April 20, 2012, resolve to march on the State Capitol and demand an end to Prohibition. We made a token protest there yesterday, but just one guy with a bullhorn is more than audible inside -- I believe I saw Lt. Gov. Garcia out on the West Steps, among many other spectators. They are getting to know me, but if even a few hundred of you join me 4/20/2012, it will make a better impression (seven people don't look like a mass movement) -- I promised them 10,000 next year.


"This fight is our generation's civil war" - Yeah, put down the bong and pick up a history book you idiot.

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