April showers bring rusty flowers: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

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Yard Arteology: The study of neighbors through lawn decoration...

April SHower Rusty Flower Sloan Lake Tree Trunk Kenny Be Westword Blog Head.jpg
Sloan Lake: Corroded metal petals are a sure sign of spring.

Cold, wet, rainy April days may be a hassle to planning outdoor activities, but apparently they are great for the growth of rusty flower blossoms. In the photo above, a rusty bloom bursts from an old dead tree stump in the Sloan Lake neighborhood. And wetter weather means these oxidizing monstrosities are popping up in neighborhoods all across Denver...

April Showers Rusty Flowers Yard Arteology Fixed Gear Flower City Park Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg
City Park: Rusty metal flowers need lots of rain.

With adequate April rainfall and consistent lack of attention, the fixed-wheel flower shown above can remain in rusty bloom throughout the year.

Below, a perfect rusty columbine requires proper mulching...

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