Reader: Barack Obama birth certificate is an obvious phony, and here's how you can tell

Yesterday, the Colorado Springs Gazette argued that birthers could help Barack Obama get re-elected if they continue to dispute the authenticity of the long-form birth certificate released yesterday. But judging by the comments on our post, plenty of people are willing to take that risk in pursuit of what they see as the truth. An example:

Stratads writes:

It is a fake and a very poor one. The most obvious is the pattern of the security background does not even change as it "curves" into the shadow. Once this pdf is opened in Illustrator there are 9 different layer of cut and paste artwork. Someone forgot to "flatten" the layers before saving. Opps... The number "1" in the top right is actually penciled in on the background layer with a pencil tool. Is this supposed to be a picture of it or a copy? There is a big difference. But it is not an original document.

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Good to hear from the "got their panties in a bunch conservative crowd that hates all things accomplished by American President NOT completely white, uttering "heh, heh, heh, and spouting "bring 'em on".

Do I think you're a racist?

I don't know?

Do I know you're a fucking moron?

Hell yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eric's wife
eric's wife

wow! eric really likes sucking off the pres huh? we'll probably have to wait for him to spit that load of jizz out of his mouth before he tells me I'm a racist.


Really? Of course it's not an original, there's only one of those and it's in Hawaii. This is a copy printed onto security paper, given to Obama's people, and scanned as a PDF to post online. Scanning and PDF'ing create layers. No conspiracy, that's how it works, especially when Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is thrown into the mix.

Let's move on now.


Thank you for the most succinct breakdown of this entire fabricated non story.

Of course you know that facts don't ever get in the way of a good smear.

But this puts to rest for rational people, those not predisposed to delegitimize the President.

Thanks, FedupCitizen.


First...This is the first almost respectful response towards anyone on here yet...Not saying some of the others didn't deserve a douchebaggery response. Anyways...I'll lay it out, and you might say I'm rare, but whatever. Am I a so-called "birther"? By some standards, yes, because I had reasonable suspicion. Do I admit I was wrong? Sure. Ok. I thought he was born in Kenya, a long form birth certificate was released, it was authenticated by actual experts, let's move on. Do I still wonder about the Indonesia part of his life? Yep, but it's not worth worrying about, I'd rather move on to more important things. And though I'm not a graphical whiz by any means, even I know that you could create 12 layers just for my response in Word, let alone a more powerful tool like Illustrator. Besides, why does everyone care about the scanned copy? Isn't it the paper copy that counts?


Fair enough.

Thanks Sean

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