Barack Obama's re-election e-mail falls flat next to 2008 Invesco Field speech in Denver

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Barack Obama.
A few minutes ago, as I was looking across I-25 toward Invesco Field at Mile High, an e-mail popped up from the man who'd given such a stirring speech at that stadium in August 2008: Barack Obama. But compared to the soaring emotions and symbolism of that night -- the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream" speech, a night when change seemed truly possible, not just a hope -- this morning's message falls flat.

In announcing his second campaign for the presidency, Obama is again relying on the grassroots technology that changed the game in the 2008 campaign, communicating first (after the pollsters and other pundits) with the millions of people on his e-mail list. His message reads:

Today, we are filing papers to launch our 2012 campaign.

We're doing this now because the politics we believe in does not start with expensive TV ads or extravaganzas, but with you -- with people organizing block-by-block, talking to neighbors, co-workers, and friends. And that kind of campaign takes time to build.

So even though I'm focused on the job you elected me to do, and the race may not reach full speed for a year or more, the work of laying the foundation for our campaign must start today.

We've always known that lasting change wouldn't come quickly or easily. It never does. But as my administration and folks across the country fight to protect the progress we've made -- and make more -- we also need to begin mobilizing for 2012, long before the time comes for me to begin campaigning in earnest...

In the coming days, supporters like you will begin forging a new organization that we'll build together in cities and towns across the country. And I'll need you to help shape our plan as we create a campaign that's farther reaching, more focused, and more innovative than anything we've built before.

We'll start by doing something unprecedented: coordinating millions of one-on-one conversations between supporters across every single state, reconnecting old friends, inspiring new ones to join the cause, and readying ourselves for next year's fight.

This will be my final campaign, at least as a candidate. But the cause of making a lasting difference for our families, our communities, and our country has never been about one person. And it will succeed only if we work together.

There will be much more to come as the race unfolds. Today, simply let us know you're in to help us begin, and then spread the word:

Thank you,


The delivery may be unusual, but the message is politics as usual. The more things change...

Here's the first Obama 2012 campaign video, titled "It Begins With Us."

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The President has every reason to reach out to the many individuals he inspired to work for his election. I myself was a paid canvasser, but I met two attorneys on turf canvassing directly for the campaign as volunteers. After the loss of the House to the Greater Fascists, we can't reasonably expect the President now to take a hard line against them (though that does not excuse his failure to do so from 2008-2010). I do require some clear indication that the President's party is not itself a fascist one. The Administration's betrayal of patients whose doctors recommend their use of cannabis (see: http://www.cannabistherapyinst... is unacceptable to me and to anyone else who understands that our policies on cannabis contribute mightily to the fiasco which is the American criminal injustice system. If the Greater Fascists succeed in revivifying Adolph Hitler and run him, I am still unlikely to vote for a crypto-fascist or an appeaser of fascists in 2012. Democrats, weigh in: what is your position on the Controlled Substances Act and the DEA?

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