Reader: Even if the Broncos try to get rid of Tim Tebow, he'll rise again

Tim Tebow.
Great comments beget great comments. This truism was reinforced last week, when a Comment of the Day post in which a reader declared that he'd never buy another Broncos ticket or jersey if the team got rid of Tim Tebow prompted some noteworthy replies.

Like this one, for instance.

CoreyDonahue writes:

If we trade him, he will come back to the Broncos in three days. It has been recorded in the Bible. Tim Tebow shall rise again!

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Zachary Hodges
Zachary Hodges

if u get rid of tim tebow that will be the worst mistake in bronco history .....payton manning is good but to have a good back up player plus a reliable player we should get rid of qinn......!!!

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