Carol Boigon dropping out of Denver mayor's race, endorsing Michael Hancock

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Carol Boigon.
Denver City Councilwoman Carol Boigon has run one of the more aggressive mayoral campaigns to date -- but it's over.

According to campaign spokeswoman C.L. Harmer, Boigon is dropping out of the race, and she'll endorse fellow councilman Michael Hancock at a 10:30 a.m. press conference.

Harmer confirms an earlier report about Boigon's decision by the Denver Post, whose most recent poll showed her with 8 percent support among respondents as compared to 22 percent for Chris Romer and James Mejia and 18 percent for Hancock. And while Harmer declines to go into detail in advance of the formal announcement, she notes that Boigon "can read the tea leaves. Her path to victory would be a negative one, and that's not Carol."

Maybe so, but Boigon's campaign commercials didn't shy away from references to other candidates. In an ad released last week, she declared that medical marijuana is "not a jobs program" -- an assertion widely viewed as a shot against fellow hopeful Doug Linkhart. And a previous spot claimed that she stood out from other candidates, including Hancock, due to her opposition to city council pay raises. See that commercial below.

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Boulder Med Cannabis
Boulder Med Cannabis

I guess medical marijuana not being a jobs plan is not a good candidacy plan.


Carol Boigon meant business as usual; her inchoate economic plan was introduced by a inapt dig at the one business sector in Denver which is booming and of which most people approve: medical marijuana.

Doug Linkhart emphasizes the need to invest in children; our future is bleak if we do not succeed in providing for their welfare and education. With respect to saving public monies, Doug just voted against an unnecessary $25,000,000 expansion of Denver's jails. He has an insider's knowledge of both State and City government, but he stands for progress and change.

Ignore what the Post's poll says other people will do and vote for the best candidate, Doug Linkhart!

Jeff Peckman
Jeff Peckman

Many Jewish voters are surely disappointed about Councilwoman Boigon's withdrawal from the mayoral race. I am a viable alternative and the following letter of support to the Denver City Council, about my previous "Safety through Peace" Denver ballot initiative, reinforces that claim.

Sept. 2003 “Honorable Members of the Denver City Council,

"...It is no surprise to hear that Jeff Peckman, the initiative’s chief proponent, is spearheading this strategic campaign to introduce a new paradigm in social science and a new approach to ensuring public safety in Denver. I have been personally acquainted with Jeff for over 20 years. He has perpetually been on the cutting edge of a number of scientifically verified and cost effective solutions for a variety a major problems, many of which you now face, including crime, healthcare and the city budget."

"As supporters of new approaches to creating peace and reducing disease and stress related public safety problems, we urge you to do whatever is in your power to evaluate the merits of the proposed ordinance." "If you can hold a public hearing, by all means do it! The public needs to be informed as well and needs to be reassured that your pledge to bring in fresh ideas and better government is sincere."

"Our family guaranteed the loan for the construction of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. We also supported a demonstration project in Washington, D.C., which reduced violent crime in the district by over 18% and total crime by over 23% [In 6 weeks]....".

Thank you for your kind consideration and good luck. Respectfully, Jeffrey Abramson Potomac, Maryland”[Note: See full quote under "National" -

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