Charlie Sheen show to be torpedoed by Denver cops?: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Charlie Sheen My Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour Denver Warlock Pinchers Ladies Fancywork Society Kenny Be Denver Blog Head.jpg

Is this thing still on? The only way to save the My Violent Torpedo of Truth show would be to showcase Charlie Sheen's message with the talent of local acts...

2011-04-28 Charlie Sheen Violent Torpedo Tour Denver Show Warlock Pinchers Kenny Be Westword Blog1.jpg

As a self-proclaimed Vatican assassin warlock, Charlie Sheen would sound best if his multimillion-dollar megalomaniac rant was accompanied by the Satanic hip-hop noise of Denver's Warlock Pinchers.

Below, a crafty look at Charlie Sheen's domestic violence problem, and its ties to Colorado...

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