Chris Romer wins Denver Post mayoral endorsement -- but does that mean anything?

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Chris Romer.
Yesterday, the Denver Post officially endorsed former Senator Chris Romer in the Denver mayor's race, calling him a "dynamo of ideas" who would bring "the critical eye of an outsider" to the gig, since he's never worked for the city.

But in today's shifting media environment, does the Post's blessing mean very much?

Zach Knaus, spokesman for the Romer team, says yes.

"It's a big deal for us," he confirms. "The Denver Post is a well-respected news source in the city, so it was important for us that they backed our campaign.

"It's something I think highlights his vision for Denver's future," he continues, "and we'll be using it in our ads."

Not that the endorsement will change the organization's strategy.

"Our plan continues to be the same," Knaus notes. "We're going to be going to as many meetings as we can, as many forums as we can, and we're continuing to reach out to every neighborhood we can."

The approach seems to be working. In a poll late last month, Romer was far ahead of his many rivals, with 22 percent support, compared to 10 percent for James Mejia and 9 percent for Michael Hancock. His opponents suggest the reason for his success has to do with his familiar moniker -- and Knaus acknowledges that "he does have the name recognition." But he believes there's more to the positive survey results than that.

"His vision has been resonating with the people he's meeting with," Knaus maintains. "His message of improving business and education is something I think people are interested in hearing."

And they'll get many more opportunities for a sample. Tonight, the campaign is holding an event to debut Romer's second television ad. Get the details in a release below, followed by his previous spot.

Romer press release:


Chris Romer will host a screening of his second 30-second television commercial tonight

(DENVER) -- Tonight, Monday, April 4, Denver mayoral candidate Chris Romer will unveil his new 30-second TV ad to an audience at the Cake Crumbs Bakery. Chris will be joined by bakery owner Denon Moore in hosting the event. Members of the press are invited to attend.

WHAT: Ad Premiere
DATE: Monday, April 4th
TIME: 7:30-8:15pm
LOCATION: Cake Crumbs Bakery: 2216 Kearney Street

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Definitely. The Post's endorsement is a huge deal for a mayoral candidate because the elderly, engaged audience of a metro newspaper is the exact same demographic as the one that votes on mayoral elections.

Linda Wagner
Linda Wagner

I don't understand why they endorsed so early, before all of their mayoral profiles have even been published. Seems a bit premature, as though they are using their endorsement to sway voter opinion. It would have been far more credible to wait.


Sure it means something; there are people who vote and can read, but choose to read the Denver Post, and some subset of those are dumb enough to accept the sick-making characterization of Romer as a "dynamo of ideas". One thing is certain: if you're in the market for a used idea, Romer will sell it to you. Doug Linkhart is a far more progressive candidate, and he has accepted the voters' decision to allow adults to use cannabis, and the new business sector of medical cannabis in Denver, which employs people, occupies otherwise vacant commercial properties, and provides desperately needed revenue in the form of substantial sales and property taxes. 57% of Denver voters supported our lowest law enforcement priority ordinance, and most of Denver approves of and benefits indirectly from cannabis-commerce -- why on Earth would we be stupid enough to vote for a man who publicly stated his intention of closing 80% of dispensaries and whose legacy in the General Assembly is the creation of a giant new bureaucracy within the DOR (the MMED, with 110 new full-time employees authorized)?!? Romer is out of touch with what most of the citizens of our City know about cannabis, and economic reality too.

Vote Linkhart!


What else would I expect a spokesperson for Chris Romer to say about a newspaper that has just endorsed his guy, other than that it's a "well-respected news source?"

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