Reader: Colorado Rockies would be even better if they got rid of Dinger

When Tim Lincecum isn't on the mound, the Colorado Rockies are among the very best teams in baseball. But in response to a Kyle Garratt post about the Rockies series against the San Francisco Giants, one reader had a gripe.

Not about one of the players, mind you. About the mascot.

Dean S writes:

Can someone please get rid of Dinger? That act is so tired and bush league. Send him to the Rockies AAA affiliate where he belongs. Either that, or I think if he wants to be a part of the game, brushback pitches and bean balls towards the asinine mascot should be fair game.

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Maybe if they'd get rid of Dinger, people will leave their ill-behaved toddlers and fussy infants at home.


I had the displeasure being at the game when Dinger hatched, and I still rue the day.

I've always had fantasies of Dinger's retirement: Dancing in the infield like a mad man and suddenly struck by a hurtling asteroid. Oh the poetry...


Dinger has sucked ass since inception, and he really should go...

But Jay Alves should be first...

I wouldn't be surprised if Alves is in that Dinger costume. After all, the fact that Alves recently won the Fishel Award from MLB only confirms his cartoonish and imperious douchery a mere 3 years after the worst World Series ticket public relations disaster in MLB history.

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