Denver International Airport balks at $22M cost of Santiago Calatrava "signature" bridge

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DIA bridge.jpg
The Calatrava bridge.
Dramatic statements don't come cheap, but what Denver needs may be less drama. After spending upwards of $40 million in the past few years imagining -- make that "visioning" -- a great makeover, DIA manager Kim Day has decided the city really can't afford the "signature" designer bridge proposed by her favorite architect, Santiago Calatrava.

The bridge, which would carry commuter-rail passengers traveling from downtown to the airport or back and span Peña Boulevard, would have been the "gateway" statement of a billion-dollar slew of improvements to Denver International Airport, including a new hotel, train station and plaza at the south end of the existing terminal. But it quickly became a magnet of controversy, thanks in part to Calatrava's free-spending reputation ("Calatrava is Spanish for 'Over Budget,'" as one wag has observed) and a slippery price tag that went up, up, up. At one point, the bridge was estimated at more than $60 million -- six times what RTD recently spent on a stylishly functional elevated rail bridge across the Sixth Avenue freeway.

Day's people figured that the bridge could be had for a "mere" $22 million, with RTD chipping in about a third of that. But apparently the two agencies weren't talking the same language. When it turned out that RTD was willing to contribute only about $1.4 million for the bridge itself, the plan was scrapped.

Planners are still seeking to make some sort of fancy statement with the bridge, but it's not clear right now what that will be or how much it will cost. DIA has already slashed a floor from the proposed hotel and trimmed some froufrou from the grandiose plaza-and-station scheme, on the theory that the changes will be scarcely noticeable to the average passenger. (Makes you wonder how much of the billion-dollar improvement package is truly essential, doesn't it?)

"From the day we announced the South Terminal Redevelopment Program, we've pledged only to move forward with projects that make good financial sense," Day said in a statement announcing the bridge redo.

She made a similar pledge in the course of our interview for my feature "DIA Dreams" last year. What Day seems to be discovering as she settles into the job is that running DIA requires a body to think big and lean at the same time.

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Unfrozen Caveman Engineer
Unfrozen Caveman Engineer

Actually, any sort of rail line to DIA is the wrong solution for two different reasons:

1. DIA is primarily a hub airport. Consequently, the majority of passengers going through will not be going into Denver. Recognizing this, instead of spending money on a light-rail line between the airport and downtown, improve the RTD bus fleet to/from DIA. This would be a far less expensive and more flexible solution.

2. The more important reason not to build a rail line to DIA is because the future of commercial aviation is very much in doubt. Due to skyrocketing jet fuel ("Jet-A") prices due to reduced supply ("Peak Oil", political upheaval in oil-producing regions, etc.) and a rapidly declining U.S. dollar, it's very easy to envision a future where air travel is no longer economically feasible for airlines or passengers.


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The problem is that a bridge will be built.Think: railroad bridge above Alameda Ave near I-25.Once a POS is built, it will be 50+ years before it is replaced.Of course the Santiago Calatrava bridge was going to be expensive and would go over budget. He is an "international architect".This outcome is sad for Denver.

This is not a step in the right direction.Cancelling all the bullshit lines to the lightly-populated north would be a step in the right direction.Shutting down RTD rail would be a step in the right direction.Building an UGLY bridge at DIA is NOT a step in the right direction.


For an organization that wants to double the existing tax just to cover the cost of building SlowTracks but knows it can't win, we don't need some stupid bridge as a "signature." We need an organization that knows what to do with the money it's being handed and obviously has no clue what it's doing. This is a step in the right direction.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Very interesting point of view, Unfrozen Caveman Engineer. Thanks for posting.

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