John Elway says Broncos haven't received any calls about trading down in NFL draft

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John Elway.
We decided to give these three Denver blog posts a loving home right here.

Bronco Talk's Jon offers his take on John Elway's claim that the Broncos' phone isn't ringing off the hook about a trade for the draft's number two pick. Not that he'd tell you if it had been...

The Grazing Mind links to a look at large-scale indoor farming.

Geeks Who Drink's Luke shares his favorite answer sheet from a recent quiz -- featuring a sketch of a penis on it. Superbad!

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This draft is the referendum on the now Elway steered Broncos.

If my hunch is right, they'll trade down.

Not for value, but rather savings.

Out of the first round means radical dropping of money put out for the draft. Two to three 2nd and third round picks translate to a 2nd overall, true, but the Broncos aren't interested in spending that much. They'll choose hoarding money over signing talent.

Remember, this is a franchise that, under cousin Ellis, has pocketed millions by staying under the cap for a decade now.

Remember John Lynch? Got him and kept him for a song, while younger, faster, talented safeties were going to other cities for a lot of money.

Tebow? One of the most incentive laden contracts in first round history, and a contract that Broncos so far have paid very little on.

This team stopped trying to win in 2002. After the organizational top leadership got a taste of that sweet nectar that is revenue/profit with the taxpayer funded, 2/3rds free stadium.

And why not?

While there is no longer any validity in the "season ticket waiting list" con, there still are about 20,000 accounts holding 72,000 seats. People are still going, and Elway's hire enthuses the Douglas County/El Paso County demographic like Tebow's drafting did last year.

Cousin Ellis is right when he calculates that there's no need to pay for talent when he can nearly fill the stadium and reap the parking and concession harvest without it.,

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