Reader: John Elway may pick a new quarterback for Broncos because he's jealous of Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow.
There's been plenty of speculation of late that the Broncos might give up on Tim Tebow and draft a new quarterback.

Our post on the topic has inspired mucho heated debate, with one reader speculating that John Elway may be afflicted by a certain green-eyed monster when it comes to Tebow.

BroncoXX writes:

I've been one of many loyal Bronco fans for the past......forever (30 yrs plus). I am sensing that Elway is experiencing some jealousy toward Tebow. Elway was a terrible QB during his first few years in the league. He fnally developed into the great QB that Bronco fans cheered for. When I watched the "experts" at the combines and leading to the draft criticizing Tebow's throwing motion and other characteristics, it was like listening to a bunch of idiots talking about things they no nothing about. When the Broncos announced that Elway was going to be hired as VP, I just shook my head. Yes, he finally developed into a great QB for the broncos and won superbowls, but that does not mean he knows how to run a football team. Mr. Bowlen was so discouraged with the McDaniels fiasco, that he felt he needed to try and keep fans by hiring Elway. I have always been a strong supporter of Mr. Bowlen, but this is a questionable decision. And lastly, are the Broncos crazy??????? Have they forgotten how many Tebow jerseys fans have purchased? Tebow has already proven in college that he is special. He has been patient with the morans that have been calling plays and allowing Orton to lead our team. And when he got his opportunity, he again proved that something special is waiting. He IS our franchise QB. I agree with many other commenters. And I will say, if the broncos pic a QB in the draft when we clearly need to find a Defense, and do not use Tebow as our QB, they need to trade him, so I can start cheering for my new favorite team. I also will not buy another Bronco ticket. This is insane. We know that our defense has killed us in the past several years and Elway needs to accept that Tebow may replace him as the greatest QB in bronco history and get over the jealousy. Judge him only on his performance and get our team back to winning ways.

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This is absolute proof that the pro-Tebow contingent is all about Tebow, not about the Broncos. In what universe is the hall-of-famer jealous of the guy who won one game?


Elway is going to ruin this Franchise. Stick to throwing the Ball John! Tebow will be better than John already is - in college and as a first year player.


So Elway is jealous that Tebow *might* outshine him someday? Really?

Let's see Tebow win two Super Bowls, be league MVP, be Super Bowl MVP, go nine times to the Pro Bowl, and get enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Then maybe John Elway would think about someday being jealous.

Maye Tebow can be a good pro quarterback, but using jersey sales to measure how good a football player he is? Meaningless.

CJ Powell
CJ Powell

What on earth could Elway possibly be jealous of? Tebow fans are ridiculous.

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