Hair today, gone tomorrow: Karen Leigh gets the Kenny Be treatment

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Everyone loves Kathy Sabine, including Noah Van Sciver, the cartoonist who drew the art for our Best of Denver 2011 People & Places section. This is his illustration of Sabine for the readers' choice winner of Best Hair on a TV Personality -- Female. (Sabine was also the readers' choice for Best TV Weathercaster.) But why no picture of Karen Leigh, the editors' pick for the extremely prestigious Best Hair on a TV Personality -- Female?

Kenny Be to the rescue. Just back from a one-month leave, he grabbed his pen to create this lovely testimonial to Leigh's lucious locks:

Karen Leigh Westword Best of Denver Best Hair 2011 Kenny Be.jpg

Thanks, Kenny! And thanks to Leigh for being a good sport, offering this quote to the Denver Post's Bill Husted about her hairy honor: ""I think it's great..if I can't be the Best Anchor, at least I can sit by the Best Anchor . . . with the Best Hair."

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