Kevin Durant: In future, will he want out of OKC like Carmelo Anthony dumped Denver?

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Kevin Durant.
Our post-mortem about the Nuggets' playoff-series loss to Oklahoma City heaped praise on the Thunder in general and blossoming superstar Kevin Durant in particular. But one reader wonders if Durant will be content to stay long term in a small market -- or if he'll be lured by the bright lights and big city as was Carmelo Anthony.

Go Nugs writes:

Totally agree. Proud of the Nuggets, but they lost to a better team. I assume OKC will be in the same position vis-a-vis Durant in a few years that we were with Melo?

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NBA, SchmenBA ! Enough of these laughable non-journalism based reports. Actually all these basketball turkeys are nothing wannabe celebrities that are really nothing but dirtbags and the worst role models outside of those in the penitentiary, The greatest exemplification is the bum who just left town, Anthony, who has AIDS (Anthony Image Diva Syndrome). Money for Nothing, and Stupidity for Free. Except for an extremely few like Tim Duncan, all other players in the NBA = Nothing but Adulterers or Numbskulls Behaving Abhorrently. One of the greatest and most wonderful things awaiting all real Americans will be the lockout of these festering houoligans will be the lockout of them for the next year, forcing them to go work in professions that are truly worthy of them, such as the custodial arts, food service, car wash attendants, and discount retail. The only people worse in America outside of basketball players are Bernanke, Geithner, and others of their ilk that are lackeys, lapdogs, and stooges for banks, insurance, big oil and gas, and other evils and greed that make up Corporate America. There are numerous other activities and sports, both professional and amateur, that are worthy of yours and others attention, Roberts. Try going to a high school baseball game, track meet, soccer match; or a municipally sponsored softball game; or going hunting and fishing with some good old men. You will come away feeling good and filled with pride, rather than soiled and slimy like is always the case with "professional" basketball players.


He extended his contract through 2016 about the same time LeBron was deserting Ohio.

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