Reader: Police's pepper spraying of 8-year-old was appropriate, mom putting boy on TV wasn't

Our post yesterday about Aidan, an eight-year-old pepper-sprayed by cops, and a police spokesman's view that this action was entirely justified, spurred plenty of debate about the appropriate use of force on a child. But one reader also took Aidan's mom to task for seeking publicity about the incident.

Beenthere writes:

You know, I figured this was just another excessive force incident but a kid that out of control is capable of hurting himself or others. Pepper spray worked, great, no long-term injury to anyone and most important of all... the kid is now seeing a doctor. I guarantee you there is more to this kind of behavior than just discipline problems and he should be getting medical and psychiatric help so he doesn't take these violent outburst into adulthood.

Mom. Grow the hell up and be a mother. That means keeping your child, your business, and his health issues out of the press and off the TV. If you need the drama I'm sure something in your life other than your little boy qualifies you to go on Jerry Springer.

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Nick Barnum
Nick Barnum

Only a bunch of ghost writers for the police dept and school district would defend assaulting a child. You people are disgusting. What was the urgency to take this kid down? Was a medical professional called to the scene to coax this child out of his rage? How difficult would it have been to try and assist this child instead trying to crush him like a bug? All you phonies have never been sprayed with pepper spray. Until you have you have nothing to say. This officer should be kicked of the force if he believes this is an appropriate response to an unruly child. He should be charged with assault as well.

Steve D.
Steve D.

There is an option. let the BRAT. get by easy,, and later on in life when he pulls the same "crap", using a knife or a gun,, then the Police can use a Gun to take the situation under controle,, and "rightfully so",, what Kind of parent, raise's a kid like this,, ??

Well look at the Prison system, (for the ignorant),, there were alot of kids with Bad parents, that started out like this one.!!


Good grief. I hope I am never in need of Lakewood Police when a REAL weapon is pointed at me. If they can't subdue an 80lb 8 year old boy with a freaking STICK how would they ever deal with someone wielding a loaded slingshot let alone a gun.

First of all it was a waste of time for the police to be called. Whoever wasted Lakewood City resources like that should be fired. The use of pepper spray was excessive force. A teacher or teachers should have just TAKEN THE STICK AWAY from the LITTLE 2nd grader. I mean seriously, how much of a actual threat can a 2nd grader be. This is the kind of mentality that allowed airliners to be hijacked with box cutters and slammed into buildings on 9/11.

The Deer Creek Middle School shootings would have had a much different outcome if Dr. David Benke had run and barricaded himself in a room and waited for the police to show up with pepper spray. Props to him for just ACTING and tackling the gunman. I mean, what is next. A 5 day waiting period or a background check before an 8 year old can pick up a stick?

Steve D.
Steve D.

If this was my Kid, I would feel the actions were totaly acceptable, Even to the point of a taser.this is not a kid with disipline issues, this is a "person" out of control, and controle needs to be taken so be it pepper spray, a taser, or a Night Stick,, the authorities, have to ACT,, and Not react..,, and the mother,, is Far from anyone that should be raising a kid.. she the Problem and Never will be the solution. WORTHLESS MOM !!!

Marilyn Wehnert
Marilyn Wehnert

I am convinced Mom's the problem. Either the child is bi polar or terribly spoiled and needs Mom around all the time. Home schooling could be the only way to control such a child. By 8 yrs of age patience, good conduct and respect for others should have be a part of his life. Absolutely, terrible how the child was controlling everyone. He needs help now. Police did have to protect themselves from him, as they were in danger of receiving serious injury to their bodies with the board. Mother of 4 boys and never had or heard of any such problems. The child needs serious help now.

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