Earl Moore charged with arson, not terrorism, in Southwest Plaza bomb try near Columbine

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Big pics below.
Update: At 2 p.m. this afternoon, Earl Albert Moore is scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in Denver to be advised of the charges against him in relation to an attempted bombing at Southwest Plaza mall on the twelfth anniversary of the shootings at nearby Columbine High School. However, Moore isn't being accused of a terrorist attack or the like. Instead, he faces a single count of arson.

Does that mean the timing of Moore's act was entirely coincidental rather than targeted at Columbine and the immediate community, many members of which were re-traumatized by school lockdowns and a heavy police presence on that fateful date? The U.S. Attorney's Office isn't saying at this point -- and there's no specific reference to motive in the Moore arrest report, on view below.

The timeline? Moore is said to have purchased propane tanks at a Target store more or less adjacent to Southwest Plaza on April 19, the night before the attack. Then, at 11:43 a.m. the next day -- a time of day very close to when the Columbine assault got underway -- he stepped through an employee entrance carrying a red and white bag of the sort Target uses. A minute later, he exited without it.

Moments later, at 11:52 a.m., an employee at Al's Formal Wear smelled smoke and saw flames coming from what looked like propane tanks. Fire responders soon found the tanks, some matches and a steel pipe bomb -- more than enough to prompt an evacuation of the mall. Also there: what appeared to be a burnt Target bag.

It didn't take investigators long to locate surveillance footage of a man matching Moore's description at the mall and an RTD bus; one of the images is seen here. And by April 23, they had a DNA match. That led to the formal naming of Moore as a suspect, as well as his subsequent capture, at a Boulder King Soopers yesterday morning.

An arson conviction carries with it five-to-twenty year sentence in federal prison and the possibility of a $250,000 fine. But there's no guarantee of answers for why Moore allegedly did what he did, and when.

Read the complaint below. Then page down to read our previous coverage.

Earl Albert Moore Complaint

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This just keeps gettin' better.

So now we got death panels, birth certificates, (check on line genius, it's posted) "he hates banks" (hadn't heard that one before), and hopefully soon something on anti choice, gun rights advocacy for the mentally unstable, and how the republicans tried to save Medicare. (That'll be priceless).

Here's one that should fire you conserves up..............yer heroes at the State Capitol can't do anything legislatively about jobs, local economy, or any other pertinent issue but...............11 of the red State House Rep's are sponsoring a birther bill.

Ya can't make this stuff up

You Deliverance types never disappoint.

Palin/Beck 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He's wearing an old school Colorado Springs Skysox ball cap.

Older white guy, total mess in appearance, scowling, fed up with the way things are going expression, pretty stereotypical "I want my country back" El Paso County teabagger profile?

Let's see.

Now the story really isn't getting much play, but imagine if this same "person of interest" was dark skinned, you know, say "middle eastern" or black.

Caplis, Boyles, Caldara, Brown, and every other conservative liar for hire within the borders of the U.S. would be screaming "Jihad!", and faux news, teabag nation, and conservtives in general would be wetting their pants over "another muslim attack".

Since the biggest % (26%) of terrorist attacks or near misses here in the U.S. since '99 have been perpetrated by extreme right wing white conservative christian criminals, if, and I say if, profiling was ok, you'd have to point at that terror group given what we know at this point.

But it's not ok. Profiling is never ok. Stereotyping is never ok.

And given what we know, we really don't know anything past a few pictures of some guy.

Now, before you boat shoes wearing preppies, you golf club conservatives, you flag wavin' God fearin', gun totin' sons of the NRA, and you Vietnam era draft dodgin' but now war lovin' chickenhawk Trump supportin' repubs git yer danders up over yer kin bein' called out, just think about the point.. Gotta say, it's no more or less acceptable to jump to conclusions that it's the glenn beck fueled teabaggers behind this than it would be to blame muslims if this "person of interest" was dark skinned.

It's a little different when the shoe's on the other foot, and it's a whole lot easier to condemn prejudice if you're the one being pointed out unfairly.

You conservatives think about that next time you jump to your typical conclusions. A great rule of thumb is let the authorities, you know, those "guvmint" employees figure it out. They rarely fail in these matters.


There's not much at Southwest Plaza, save for a dilapidated old mall, a movie theater, and some parking lots. This "person of interest" must be really bored and/or stupid.


Glad you aren't profiling, Eric. You are a superior human being. Congrats.


Eric, I've thought about your point...and now I get the real purpose behind the whole Obamacare death panels pull-the-plug-on-grandma thing. It's to rid our country of potential terrorists.

Rhonda Whitaker
Rhonda Whitaker

Steve, You say there's not much at Southwest Plaza? Hello!!! There are HUMAN BEINGS at Southwest Plaza at any given moment! WTF?


I was just gunna say the exact same thing! lol, nice job not profiling Eric...


Are you even mildly serious? I'm not even from the U.S. and you sound like complete fools.

Por me
Por me

Eric: You assume this man is conservative. He hates banks and business owners just like Obama. He is out of prision. I'd have to say he is a democrat. It is also funny that this rag has the arrest documents with pictures but can't show the original birth certificate of Obama. mmmm!


Thanks guys,

Never do.

It's different when YOUR ilk gets called out, ain't it?

Isn't now the time when y'all ask for the birth certificate, hold up the sign sayin' "keep yer guv'mint mitts off my Medicare, and scream SOCIALIST!!!!!!!!!!!!....?

Keep on provin' me right, goobers!


Oh, did you have something to say? Because I stopped reading after "I'm not even from the U.S."....

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