Spring cleaning unearths clown painting, other scary garage secrets: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

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Clown Painting Garage clean Wheat Ridge Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg
Wheat Ridge cleaning clown.

Nothing says springtime in Denver like a clown painting leaning against the front wheel of a car parked before an open garage door on a driveway teeming with junk. The clown painting practically promises that the open garage is the portal to a secret kingdom of junky treasures...

Clown Painting Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Spring Clean Wheat Ridge Denver Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg
Seasonal sorting in progress on Pierce Street.

In the photo above, the hummingbird feeders hang in the tree branches alongside the holiday lights and a butterfly net is placed on the ground next to a plastic snowman. This seems to suggest that this type of spring cleaning is also a rearrangement of clutter.

The garage looks to be filled with a lifetime of fixtures and furnishings. The packed shelves and open drawers recall years of unfinished craft projects and stray game pieces.

Below, spring cleaning clowns can also be found downtown...

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