Theresa Laswell charged with pimping child while "bottom bitch" for brother Christian

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Big pics below.
When it comes to pimping, the Denver District Attorney's Office believes Theresa and Christian Laswell kept it in the family. Last month, Christian was charged with child prostitution and more in regard to allegedly whoring out a seventeen-year-old. Now, Theresa, his sister and supposed "bottom bitch," is faced with pretty much the same thing.

Last August, according to an arrest affidavit on view below, Theresa was busted for working as an escort without a license on Mile High Stadium Circle -- a game location if ever there was one. At the time, she insisted that she didn't actually engage in acts of prostitution, just pricey sessions ($200 for thirty minutes, $250 for an hour) during which she stripped while johns masturbated. She added that "Ronnie," the man who ran her service, advertised on Craigslist and

The latter site, owned by Village Voice Media, Westword's parent company, has a policy not to accept ads connected to illegal activity. But according to Alexandria Theis and Eric King, who were busted in March for prostitution and acting as an escort runner without a license, respectively, the Laswells violated this rule. Theis and King said they worked for the Laswells, with Eric describing Christian as the chief pimp and Theresa as "bottom bitch," meaning she was atop the crew's prosty ladder. They also mentioned another young woman as being part of their stable.

Days later, cops were staking out Christian's place when they saw what appeared to be a teenage girl enter the home. Shortly thereafter, she was ID'd as a seventeen-year-old with two warrants for her arrest. That led to an "interview," in PD parlance, during which the girl said she'd been working for the Laswells for three weeks or so, during which time she'd turned thirty tricks, half of which involved happy endings.

The pricing structure? She corroborated the $200 per thirty minutes/$250 an hour fee, with $500 for a two-girl show, plus oral sex or the old in/out if the john offered a "tip." Afterward, she received 30 percent of what she brought in, which she estimated at $6,000. On her best day, she collected $2,000. She also said she banged Christian three times, but insisted that it was consensual.

At her age, that's mighty debatable.

Christian's been charged with pandering of a child-menacing, pimping of a child, procurement of a child, child prostitution-soliciting and trafficking in children, while Theresa's counts include pandering of a child-arranging prostitution and pimping of a child. They're both due in court tomorrow for formal advisement. Look below to see full-size mug shots of the Laswell in addition to the complete arrest affidavit.

Laswell, Christian.jpg
Christian Laswell.

Laswell, Theresa.jpg
Theresa Laswell.

Laswell Affidavit

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Wow i used to hang with this girl when w we're like 12. This is sad people change big time i guess. My prayers go out to her and her baby boy. Everyone makes mistakes were not proud of.


Wow this is crazy me and this girl used to hang out when we were like 12 i guess you really don't know who someone truly is. Blows my mind she really didn't come off as a person like that.

john myers
john myers

I would hate my life if i was that trailer trash whore to! And you have a kid, way to keep it classy ;)


What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. And thank you derogatory slang shouldn't be used in my opinion


Does reporting require that the author of this article use derogatory slang in his/her descriptions? Is that good journalism or just a chance to get sleazy?

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Mntlaurel, if you're referring to the term "bottom bitch," it's a phrase used numerous times in the police report.

Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams

What about using the word "banged" to describe sex between an adult and a minor. Very insensitive in my opinion. 

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