Top 35 mug shots of March 2011

Categories: Crime

Thumbnail image for ronald keithline mug shot cropped.JPG
Pics below.
Our latest roundup of 2011 mug shots (check out the January and February galleries here) features 35 photos of men and women at the center of often startling tales -- the allegedly pervy DARE instructor, the alleged church masturbator, an alleged mom stomper and much more. Check out their closeups below -- and click on their name to read our original coverage.

Paul Andrew Kausalik mug shot.jpeg
Paul Kausalik.

raymond marcus sandoval mug shot.JPG
Raymond Marcus Sandoval.

ryan wappel.JPG
Ryan Wappel.

scott lee kimball.jpg
Scott Lee Kimball.

adam raszynski mug shot.jpg
Adam Raszynski.

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