Berkeley Park graffiti requires Urban Dictionary translation: Kenny Be's Sign Language

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Wheel Funny Graffiti Kenny BE Berkeley Park Lake Paddle Boat Rental Westword Blog Head.jpg
Recreation critic gives Wheel Fun Rentals an instant, on-shed review.

Wheel Fun Rentals is the national company with the contract to provide pedal boats at Denver park lakes. In the picture above, the Berkeley Park pedal boat shed gets tagged with an alarming consumer complaint. But it takes the help of the Urban Dictionary to translate the message...

Wheel Funny Graffiti Berkeley Park Wheel Fun Rental Kenny Be Westord Blog.jpg
Fuck u Ribletberg hair lip snitch me out. Bl.

On first reading, the graffiti tagged on the shed in the picture above appears to be directed at a person who goes by the name of Ribletberg. A Google search confirms there is no one in Denver that goes by that name. However, Urban Dictionary defines a "riblet" as a fat, compulsively lying asshole that takes Xanax bars and craves McRibs from Mcdonalds.

The majority of definitions for the word "berg" define the term as a heavy or painful bowel movement.

With the Urban Dictionary translation, the graffiti slang above, "Fuck U Riblet berg hair lip snitch me out," is instantly understood as the angry insult and condemnation of an informant by a person who feels wrongly accused. "Riblet berg hair lips" were formerly referred to as "lying sacks of shit."

While the new slang terms are certainly colorful, the message of the angry screed painted on the side of the Wheel Fun Rental is not wheely very funny.

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@Kenny,Can you provide the name/address of the miscreant who wrote the graffito?I would like to visit him/her to deliver a shellacking.thanks,dave

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