Reader: Alex Landau's $795K settlement for police beating shows we the people can prevail

Alex Landau.
Joel Warner's interview with Alex Landau, who received a $795,000 settlement for a police beating reassured one reader who's watched similar incidents with dismay over the years.

Here's his post.

Trevor Elliott Smith writes:

It's great to hear you've been compensated for that terrible night, man -- maybe this doesn't heal the psychological wounds, but a fat chunk o' cash from some racist pigs certainly won't hurt. It's hard to forget how unrecognizably beaten your face was back in the days following the incident - hopefully this settlement is the sign of a new public awakening of the dangers facing us from those who are paid "to protect and serve" us. Thinking back to the Rodney King days, it seems that this shit just remains the same...but how long can it possibly go on? Congrats to you for proving that "We the People" can still prevail and overcome our oppressors...and enjoy them riches, son!

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The people are paying for that settlement so it's a wash at best. No one has prevailed here


No firings. No prosecutions. Hard to see how that "shows we the people can prevail".


The question remains whether justice will be done the other victims of our City's maladministration of law enforcement and whether Denver has wit enough to stop electing people who perpetuate its problems, even in the wake of such outcomes. The stolid mass of voters in Denver seem determined to be gulled by a pol who says he will motivate every student in our failing schools and make police discipline "swift and sure" (read: gather all power unto himself). None of the mayoral candidates endorsed independent investigation of citizens' complaints against the police, and the frontrunner promises satisfaction not through a public oversight process, but (as for all other problems) as a fixer.

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