Cinco de Mayo celebrated every day by a sheet metal mariachi: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

Cinco de Mayo Sheet Metal Mariachi Yard Arteology Kenny Be Westword Blog Head.jpg
Sheet metal mariachi rocks the Mar Lee neighborhood.

Standing beneath the sun, moon and stars, the mariachi pictured above serenades great piles of stone in a southwest Denver yard. Separated by size and texture, the assorted rocks are wrapped in wire to form great sculptural pillars beneath the eaves of this small wooden house...

Cinco de Mayo Sheet Metal Mariachi Stone Cages Yard Arteology Kenny Be Westword Blog Wood Pile.jpg
Mar Lee resident wraps stones in wire to create vertical rock garden.

The sheet metal mariachi standing in the side yard pictured above proves that small yards won't hinder the growth of big ideas. The numerous yard art projects and the chopped wood suggests the yard around the house is needed for a workspace.

The wire-wrapped stone pillars indicate that the resident rockhound has found the space-saving solution by creating vertical rock gardens. A boiler tank birdhouse is perched at the top of the large stone pillar, and crevices are packed with peat moss and fixed with foliage.

Below, an assortment of smaller stones is crafted into carport support pillars...

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