Courtney Bowles, teacher busted for getting naked with student: No jail time

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Former Mountain View High School teacher Courtney Bowles was found naked atop a student in a car in a January case that got national exposure. Two months later, she copped a plea that suggested a punishment free of jail time -- and that's the way things worked out. Her sentence: ten years of probation and registration as a sex offender.

In addition, reports the Fort Collins Coloradoan, Bowles will have to serve eighty hours of community service. And while she'll be able to see her children again -- something she had been banned from doing since her arrest -- she was ordered to steer clear of anyone else under age eighteen, including the aforementioned student.

Bowles is going through a divorce, and her attorney, Derek Samuelson, said in court that she's experienced depression that led to a brief hospitalization. "Give Ms. Bowles an opportunity to do something productive," he told the judge. "She needs to make amends with the community."

More from our Comment of the Day archive: "Reader: Courtney Bowles was a good teacher, and I was gobsmacked by charges against her."

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That's not an excuse for doing that thing. She should have done that with full knowledge. Maybe she can do it but not like that. She didn't even show respect for herself.

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I take it she's available for dating now.


Something is wrong with our justice system when a teacher in one part of our state gets probation for having sex with a student, while another in another part of the state gets life in prison:http://www.broomfieldenterpris...

I don't know what punishment is fair, but the huge disparity in sentences is obviously not fair.

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