CU toilet paper lawsuit is a "sh*tty deal" in HDNet report (VIDEO)

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Video below.
HDNet, owned by billionaire and (currently very happy) Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, is partly based in Denver, which explains why HDNet World Report, its signature news program, reports about so many Colorado stories. Earlier this month, the show focused on local medical marijuana patients driving under the influence of THC -- and tonight, it will feature a piece about the University of Colorado at Boulder suing its toilet-paper supplier.

As is clear from the following preview, HDNet isn't your grandfather's network news program. The report features one person declaring the problems that led to the lawsuit to be "a shitty deal," as well as a couple of students who recall the stench (and the shoveling) necessitated by TP that clogged pipes back in 2009. As a bonus, there's even a song about the situation. Talk about added value!

Check out the clip below -- and click to read "HDNet Gains," our 2006 column about the network's Denver operation, featuring interviews with Cuban and news anchor Dan Rather.

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