Denver police brutality scandal: A multimedia timeline

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Bill Vidal.
April 7, 2011: Mayor Vidal announces the elimination of the city's Discipline Review Board as a way to speed up police-discipline investigations.

April 11, 2011: Garcia fires two more officers, Ricky Nixon and Kevin Devine, over a July 2009 incident at the Denver Diner in which cops allegedly beat women to the ground and maced one of them. Nixon was one of the three officers named in the Alex Landau beating.

May 2, 2011: The City of Denver settles Landau's lawsuit for $795,000, one of the largest police-brutality payouts in city history. By this point, two of the three officers involved -- Murr and Nixon -- have already been fired for their involvement in other police-misconduct incidents.

May 6, 2011: In his quarterly report, Rosenthal reveals that Sellers, the officer accused of attacking a volunteer firefighter, received a 40-day suspension, a punishment Rosenthal believed was too light.

May 6, 2011: Anti-police-violence protesters rally to demand justice for Marvin Booker:

May 9, 2011: All officers involved in the jailhouse death of Marvin Booker are cleared of any wrongdoing. At the press conference announcing the decision, city officials release videos of the incident and a forty-page report from the investigation, which Rosenthal calls "one of the most comprehensive and thorough that I have seen since I began monitoring activities six and a half years ago."

May 10, 2011: Booker's family members call on federal investigators to look into the jailhouse-death investigation.

More from our Colorado Crimes archive: "Police misconduct: Denver ranks number one in terms of excessive force complaints."

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 As a reporter isn't your job to get both sides of the story. In your article the president of the Police Protective Association mentions information that has yet to be released regarding the controversial "beating" of DeHerrera.  Why has that information not been made public?  Why hasn't the media chased that story?  Because it is not politically correct to do so?  Where are the facts of this case and where are all the legitimate reporters?  


At the mayoral forum on police accountability, none of the eight candidates endorsed independent investigation of citizens' complaints against police.  This would only require that a minority of investigative positions within the Denver Police Department's Internal Affairs Bureau be transferred to an independent agency (since most complaints against police officers are lodged by other officers).  Instead, we rely on the sham system of oversight Hickenlooper instituted two years ago -- a "Citizen Oversight Board", which has no authority over the imposition of discipline, and consists of the Mayor's friends, and an "Independent Monitor", who also has no authority over the imposition of discipline, and serves at the Mayor's pleasure.  Why won't Denver's pols even consider a system of independent investigation of police misconduct which has worked in San Francisco for thirty years?

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