Reader: Gary Faulkner didn't find Osama, but he came closer than Pakistan government

Gary Faulkner.
Alan Prendergast's post suggesting five more targets for Greeley Osama bin Laden hunter Gary Faulkner prompted a surprising defense of the one-man army and David Letterman show fave. The scribe? A distant relative who thinks Faulkner came closer to finding bin Laden than did the country where he'd been hiding.

Yawn writes:

We are family tree stalkers--genealogists--and what a surprise when Gary was found to be a "leaf" on the tree. Denver Post reports he was about 250 miles away. He surely kept the intrigue going. Hey, at least he was more attuned than the Pakistan government who had their version of West Point next door. So Gary is not bad in his hunting skills comparatively speaking. The US is still going to send a few billion to Pakistan foreign aid. Gary never sought the reward cash. your Mexican descent kinfolk say you are okay dude.

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If you're related to Gary, then you're related to me too :)

Avatar Jack
Avatar Jack

What’s more delusional, Faulkner thinking he had a shot at completing his solo mission, or that he thinks he played a part in Osama’s eventual slaying?Maybe we should ride out the euphoria of the completed mission, give the man his $6.75 million and toss him in a movie.

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