Glenn Beck calls out Ward Churchill, who appears at an Arizona protest (video)

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Ward Churchill
Former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill lost his job in Boulder, but he hasn't given up on schools altogether. He recently turned up in Tucson, where he was spotted participating in a protest at a Tucson Unified School District Board meeting by a giddy Glenn Beck.

The protest, which turned rowdy, involved students who were opposed to proposed changes in the ethnic studies program; the students chained themselves together and were eventually removed by police in riot gear. The action was caught on camera, and ultimately made its way to Beck.

Churchill was fired by CU after he made controversial comments about the victims of 9/11, and a subsequent study of his work showed instances of plagiarism. A long legal battle ensued, ending in November 2010 when an appeals court rejected Churchill's efforts to get his old job back.

Narrating video of the protest on his Fox show, Beck pointed out Churchill and asked, "What on earth is he doing in Tucson, probably looking for a job...Do you remember how upset people were just a few years ago when he was teaching in a college classroom. Now, imagine this guy is now rounding up little troops in high school. Where's the outrage? Where is it?"

Read more about Glenn Beck in: "Glenn Beck is Crazy but Surprising, While My Chemical Romance is Just Predictable."

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 Ward Churchill's central thesis is basically that the USA is a colonial, imperial government, who has committed many crimes against humanity, which they have never atoned for or faced justice for .

You don't think victims of a Native American genocide would have a different point of view of 9/11 then a White man ? wow. 

Ward Churchill chooses to take the position of the victim of the Native American genocide, even if he is a White Man. And people who shared his views only distanced themselves from him when it became both politically and just generally unsafe not to do so. Cowards. 

Ward's only fault was becoming too cozy, and too ego driven, in what would be a gravely underestimated war he was about to walk into. He was making too much money, and was too cocky, and it led to very poor public performances. 

CU has been much worse off since he has left, mostly because they had to reform the entire infrastructure of the administration (Regents, etc...) just to appease Bill Owens, Fox News, Rocky Mountain News, etc... 



 Nothing Ward Churchill has every done has ever been "Crazy". The only people who have a legitimate beef with Ward are Native Americans. 


They are both gigantic shit balls. Beck is mostly harmless but annoying. I wouldn't let Churchill within 50 feet of my own kids. 

The Spleen
The Spleen

Total nonsense and bullshite. I have an MP3  recording of Churchill speaking at an "anarchist's" conference in Eugene Oregon where he begins the speech by saying "thank you, Osama bin Laden". Churchill is not some innocent victim of a smear campaign: he is a proven liar and plagiarist who has used the genocide of Native Americans to further his own career. He's a shameless self-promoter who publicly celebrated the deaths of thousands of Americans. He should be shunned and shit upon wherever he goes.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Interesting take, Oo. We're going to make it an upcoming Comment of the Day. Congrats.

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