John Hickenlooper: Help Tiffany Hartley, whose husband David was murdered in Mexico

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Governor John Hickenlooper is apparently not convinced a Judicial Watch investigation will be sufficient to solve the murder in Mexico of David Hartley. So he, along with senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet and Representative Cory Gardner, signed letters sent to the departments of State and Justice asking them to update David's widow, Tiffany Hartley, on the status of the inquiry into his death.

On Friday, Hickenlooper wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder requesting they help answer the many remaining questions in the case, which dates back to last year. On September 30, 2010, the Hartleys were jet-skiing on Lake Falcon, which straddles the Texas-Mexico border, when they were attacked by what many believe to be Mexican drug-cartel pirates. Tiffany fled to save her life, while David was shot and fell into the water. His body has not been recovered.

"We request any additional assistance and information you can provide Ms. Hartley and her family in accordance with the law," the letters read. "Specifically, we request an update on the status of U.S. involvement in the investigation as well as information regarding efforts to recover Mr. Hartley's remains."

The letters state that since moving back to Weld County, Tiffany contacted Weld County Sheriff John Cooke. He suggested she meet with James Davis, the executive director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety. After doing so, Davis suggested Hickenlooper meet with Hartley, which he did last Thursday.

The state's Office for Victim's Programs has since agreed to help Hartley, including assisting her with the Texas Victim Compensation Program. Gardner, who represents the district where Hartley lives, has been guiding her through the process of obtaining a death certificate for her husband. The letters also state that Udall and Bennett have pushed the FBI and the State Department over previous months to contact its Mexican counterparts and inquire further about the case.

This follows a press conference held on May 12 by Texas Representative Ted Poe in which he asked for justice in the case.

Read the full letters below.

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Porter M. Corn
Porter M. Corn

Comes down to the money eh? She is going to try and scam the Texas Victims Compensation fund for the alleged loss of her husband?

Here's a newsflash for you people! The supposed "crime' did not occur in the State of Texas but in the sovereign Republic of Mexico, in which her and her husband illegally entered. Texas owes her nothing. On the other hand, she owes the people of the State of Texas a polygraph text to determine her truthfulness.

I spent a lot of time in Zapata Texas over the past year and the consensus of the people there are that Tiffany Hartley is lying in one way or another.

Drug deal gone bad? The best possibility.

Concerned Texan
Concerned Texan

I hope the first move the Secretary Clinton and government does is to insist that Ms. Hartley take a federally administered polygraph test. Ms. Hartley is not being truthful about the terms of what happened and why it happened that day. They were likely committing a felony and that explains the lies. Or else the husband is not really even dead. Something is excruciatingly wrong with what the wife inconsistently reported about what happened on her national media blitz and TV appearances on shows. She also waited nearly a week before making a formal report, putting all these TV shows first in line for her 15 minutes of fame.

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