John Hickenlooper to sign Senate Bill 60 today: Raise a glass of any beer you like!

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Restaurateurs all over the state will be raising a glass at 3 pm. today, when Governor John Hickenlooper officially signs Senate Bill 60 into the Old Chicago at 145 Union Boulevard in Lakewood. But then, the setting makes sense, since this is the measure that will allow bars and restaurants in Colorado to serve any beer, no matter how light.

In the arcane, post-Prohibition era rules that still dominate our liquor laws, 3.2 beer became the province of grocery and convenience stores, while stronger beer could only be sold at liquor stores. And despite many attempts to change those rules over the years -- including several this legislative session alone, the 3.2 division remains.

And oddly, restaurants and bars were thrown in with liquor stores, technically only allowed to serve beer that tested higher than 3.2 percent alcohol. How crazy was that? Restaurateurs were banned from serving lower-alcohol bill to their customers?

If there was one beer bill that needed to pass this year, Betty Boyd's Senate Bill 60, which would undo that restriction, was it. And pass it did late last week, a success that will be celebrated today at the Old Chicago in Boyd's district.

This is the first bill that Hickenlooper, a former restaurateur who recognized just how silly this restriction was, will sign in a bar -- but "probably not the last," admits spokesman Eric Brown.

Raise a glass -- filled with whatever beer you like.

Read our history of 3.2 beer -- also known as Prohibition beer -- in "Last Call."

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Colorado Mmj Patient
Colorado Mmj Patient

Glad Hick can help out his fellow business partners.  Now what about jobs Hick?

Corey Donahue
Corey Donahue

People actually drink 3.2 beer if they aren't forced to?  Well good on our legislature, as there are no real issues that they needed to focus on this year. The people in Colorado can now be proud of the joke "Why's drinking beer in a Colorado bar or restaurant like having sex in a boat?...Because it's fucking close to water.  

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